Jon Kilik English Actor
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    - Producer

Born on 26th, December, Jon Kilik is one of NYC’s finest producers. Jon Kilik has partnered with a wide range of filmmakers to make some of the best movies till date. Jon Kilik studied the art of filmography under Frank Manchel and Vivian Sobchack, during his graduation course from the University of Vermont in 1978. Jon Kilik epitomizes perseverance and hard work. Kilik worked as a second assistant director on few films like “Raising Arizona”, a Coen Bros Directorial, before starting on as a producer for the 1988 drama "The Beat". The film in itself wasn’t a hit, but Kilik had found himself a home in cinemas and intended to work more in the field. The very next year, Jon Kilik met Spike Lee Spike Lee also known as Shelton Jackson is an Amer >> Read More... Spike Lee , and after being the line producer for his well known, ‘Do The Right Thing’, they became the best of friends and the dynamic duo came up with movies like " Malcolm X", an American Bio Drama, ‘Spike Lee’s movies like ‘Crooklyn’, "He Got Game," and the "Inside Man." In 2005, he produced “Broken Flowers”, collaborating with Stacey Smith. Jon Kilik has tried his hand at a variety of movies and did not limit himself to a particular genre. He collaborated with the famous Oliver Stone Oliver Stone, also known as William Oliver Stone, >> Read More... Oliver Stone on the time honored epic ‘Alexander’ in the year 2004.

He later teamed up with Alejandro González Iñárritu in Mexico, to make one of the best films of his career "Babel," which also happens to be an Oscar-nominated drama; the pair reunited four years later on to work on the drama, "Biutiful." He has been the helping hand behind the Tim Robbins A multiple talents infused into one person. A tale >> Read More... Tim Robbins directorials, "Dead Man Walking", and "Cradle Will Rock", with Dead Man Walking bagging an Academy Award. The films’ premiered worldwide and received rave reviews from the audience at the 1999 Cannes International Film Festival. The movie starred Bill Murray He is known to be one of the legendary actors in H >> Read More... Bill Murray among its ensemble cast. Mr. Kilik is responsible for the production of films that have been directed by the famous ‘Julian Schnabel’s classic Basquiat, starring Jeffrey Wright Jeffrey Wright is an film actor. Jeffrey was born >> Read More... Jeffrey Wright as Jean-Michel Basquiat. Jon Kilik was considered the mastermind behind the director Javier Barden receiving an Academy Award Nomination, for the movie “Before Night Falls” and also behind the Best-Foreign Language, and 2-time Golden Globe Award-winning movie “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly”. This hit pair is coming in front of us with another beautiful movie ‘ Miral Bio Coming Soon... >> Read More... Miral ’. Jon’s Hunger Game series has been doing exceptionally well with the audience and is a fantastic adaptation of the books. His recent release “Free State of Jones” is also doing pretty well at the box office.