English Composer ( 0 - 12 )

John Rubinstein

Michael Andrews

George Fenton

Howard Shore

Christopher Lennertz

Jim Jarmusch

John Van Tongeren

Steven Price

Mark Salling

Nicolas Jaar


Love For Music Makes You A Composer

A composer is one who writes and directs original music, which is then used, in various types of media. A composer’s role is to help in narrating a story in television story, film, play and video games without distracting the audience. The soundtracks they make are of professional level, which suits the project. A successful composer is versatile with unique skills that allow them to work on different projects with musicians and producers from various backgrounds.

The composers have good knowledge about the industry, passionate and talented for making sound recordings. They are also skilled and trained in playing the musical instruments and have extreme love for the music. Depending on the work the composer work at home or in studios to create, arrange, compose and direct original music for different forms of media. A composer has proper understanding regarding technical recording, sound equipment and sound software used to compose music.

Composers spend time with the producers and directors to discuss the needs and requirements of their work. The revision of the score is composer’s responsibility. Composers contract their project with the performance, company or media. After they finish one project they go on for next project, which can be with different company or even in different city. In today’s modern day technology, composers use advanced electronic sound equipment to make the sound recording perfect on a digital level.