Jay Sean English Actor

Jay Sean, born as Kamaljeet Singh Jhooti to Punjabi-Sikh parents in England, is a British singer, rapper and sound producer. Jay is the first British-Indian crossover stars. He gained international popularity with five consecutive hits featuring Top forty singles in America. His American debut “Down” topped the Billboard Top 100, making him the first artist of South Asian origin to achieve this feat. Jay Sean started off as early as age 11, when he, along with his cousin Pritpal Rupra, formed a hip-hop duo by the name of “Compulsive Disorder”.

At that time, he chose his stage name to be “MC Nicky J”. The ‘J’ was taken from his last name “Jhooti”. Many friends also called him by the name “Jay.” The name ‘Jay Sean’ came from two words- the “Jay” from his earlier stage name, and “Sean” from “ Shaan Shantanu Mukherjee is a very popular singer and kn >> Read More... Shaan ”, which was his nickname at home. He joined the group ‘ Rishi Rich Rishi Rich is a popular music producer. He was bor >> Read More... Rishi Rich Project’(comprising of Rishi Rich, Jay Sean, and Juggy D) in 2003 after Rishi heard Sean’s single “One Minute.”

Their song "Dance with You" was a big hit, and even featured on the Top 20 Hits, peaking at number 12. Soon after, Virgin Records offered Sean a contract for £1 mill. Sean quit Dentistry and Queen Mary's School where he was supposed to be a doctor and signed the contract. He released his first album ‘Me Against Myself’ in 2004, which instantly became a big hit, gaining a position on the UK Top 30 Hits. Also Two singles- “Eyes on You” and “ Stolen Click to look into! >> Read More... Stolen ” found their place on the UK Top Ten.

In 2006, Jay Sean left Virgin Records. He released many singles in 2007 and 2008. In 2008 itself, he joined cash Records. He released his single “Down”, which topped the Billboard Top 100. He released two albums with the recording house, titled “My Way” and “All or Nothing”. He also earned three awards at UK Asian Music Awards, including "Best Male", "Best Urban Act" and "Best Album”. Sean has also collaborated with artists like Kevin Rudolf, Lil Wayne Lil Wayne, whose actual name is Dwayne Michael Car >> Read More... Lil Wayne , Jay-Z, , among others. Jay Sean was also seen in the 2005 Bollywood film “Kya Kool Hain Hum,” where he did a cameo playing himself.

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