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Zubin Mehta English Music Director
DOB: 29 Apr 1936

Zubin Mehta

Junkie XL English Music Director
DOB: 8 Dec 1967

Junkie XL

Rob Simonsen English Music Director
DOB: 11 Mar 1978

Rob Simonsen

Arthur Darvill English Music Director
DOB: 17 Jun 1982

Arthur Darvill

Claudia Sarne English Music Director
DOB: 18 Dec 1969

Claudia Sarne

Tamra Davis English Music Director
DOB: 22 Jan 1962

Tamra Davis

Andrew Lockington English Music Director
DOB: 31 Jan 1974

Andrew Lockington

Rene Aubry English Music Director
DOB: 20 Dec 1956

Rene Aubry

Ludwig Goransson English Music Director
DOB: 1 Sep 1984

Ludwig Goransson

James Newton Howard English Music Director
DOB: 9 Jun 1951

James Newton Howard

Bear Mccreary English Music Director
DOB: 17 Feb 1979

Bear Mccreary

Theodore Shapiro English Music Director
DOB: 29 Sep 1971

Theodore Shapiro



Jennifer Lopez English Movie Actress
Born: 24 July 1969

Age Now 55

Jennifer Lopez - (Movie Actress)

Kristin Chenoweth English Movie Actress
Born: 24 July 1968

Age Now 56

Kristin Chenoweth - (Movie Actress)

Rose Byrne English Movie Actress
Born: 24 July 1979

Age Now 45

Rose Byrne - (Movie Actress)

Iulia Vantur English TV-Actress
Born: 24 July 1980

Age Now 44

Iulia Vantur - (TV-Actress)

Anna Paquin English Movie Actress
Born: 24 July 1982

Age Now 42

Anna Paquin - (Movie Actress)

Gus Van Sant English Director
Born: 24 July 1952

Age Now 72

Gus Van Sant - (Director)

Chris Sarandon English Movie Actor
Born: 24 July 1942

Age Now 82

Chris Sarandon - (Movie Actor)

Bindi Irwin English Movie Actress
Born: 24 July 1998

Age Now 26

Bindi Irwin - (Movie Actress)


Music Director Owns All That You Here

A music director is the person who directs an orchestra or band. Most orchestra and concert halls look for music directors who can conduct and put up an entire show from the scratch. They work on the theme of the show, and gather the musicians. All the instruments that will be included in each of these sessions will be selected and gathered by the director. They instruct the artists and the other members- technicians who handle the sound, lights, costumes and the like. They coordinate all the departments and make sure all the teams work as a single unit without any time lag.

They study yesteryear’s work and listen to all the music that has been created. They have excellent communication skills and are quick decision makers. They have an open mind and welcome all sorts of ideas from the team members. The music director and the team try making new music and improvise already existing music. A good music director is one who has the ability to motivate the team, and bring out the best out of the team and give them the opportunity to create and pitch in as well.

The music directors in films are mostly supervisors who monitor the entire arrangements made by the music composer and convey the progress to the filmmaker and the producer of the film. They also help in the audio as well as visuals of a song.