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Ken Kao is the son of billionaire Min Kao who is a pioneer in the field of GPS. Due to this Ken had a generous amount of funding for what he wanted to do. He worked as a lawyer in the sports industry and high tech. However after 7 years he felt as though he wasn’t really reaching his potential. His company also reached a point of recession and so he decided to quit his job so he could follow his dream of being a creative individual. The first film that he made was called Rampart and he made it in 2011. After this he got involved with William Morris Endeavour (WME) which was an American talent agency with offices in Beverly Hills, California. Soon after Kao came together with Alex Walton and formed a fund. They had a big opening event which indirectly said that they had a lot of funds to put into making big budget Indie film projects.

Soon, they were settled in their office in Beverly Hills with a crew of 10 people. He was asked about the fact of being rich and the chances of getting lot of calls about films. To which he says that there are a lot of cons to this and that a lot of people start by asking him how much he can give. He says that the fact that he has money opens up a lot of other options. He also adds that most of the important partnerships he has made in Hollywood are not based on that fact but are much deeper than just money. He funded two films made by director Malick. He said that the Malick camp was private and that he met him and talked about the Tree of Life. Also he had a long talk about film making and life, and that turned into a partnership of about three years. He also talks about the film he funded, directed by Malick, called Knight of Cups.

The movie is about Rick, played by Christian Bale He’s known to be one of the most talented and most >> Read More... , a film maker and screen writer who lives in California. From appearances, it seems like he has everything one needs, but when we look into his story, we see how empty he really is. The movie is his story of finding a way of filling that void. Kao also commented that Christian Bale was very professional. However he was shooting for Dark Night Rises and another film at the same time. This caused him a lot of pressure as he is method actor and takes a lot of effort into his roles. The role for Knight of Cups was also a difficult role. He talked about how Malick was making a movie about an issue which was really frustrating but meant a lot to him. So what he would do was shoulder all the problems himself instead of asking for help, here Kao encouraged him.

He along with Alex, narrated how they got involved in shooting a 60 million film called, ‘Nice Guys’. The producer they teamed up with Joel Silver Joel Silver was born on July 14, 1952. He complete >> Read More... who had a long standing partnership with Warner Bros which had ended. Hence, he was looking for a partner. This was when Kao and Alex decided to take up such a big project as it fit perfectly in their models and was appealing to markets abroad. They said that it was a new phase for them as it would not just be about small independent films but also bigger films. They along with their company Bloom plan to make about 6-8 films a year, which will partly be from Waypoint and prestige third party titles that they handle overseas.

He also said that they do not make films based on its budget, and are proud to say that Bloom is one of the companies to make movies of any size. Ken’s father originally thought he was crazy for doing this instead of doing his job as a lawyer. However Ken told him that he was going to do it and that he did not worry about the time frame he would require. Then later his father became his fan. He also did movies like ‘Sea Of Trees’, ‘Woodshock’, and the latest, ‘Song to Song’ in 2017. He shot Sea Of Trees in Japan’s Suicide Forest. He is a producer to look forward to as he will be coming up in the future.


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