Birthday: 14-07-1952
Age: 67
Star sign: Leo

Joel Silver was born on July 14, 1952. He completed his schooling at Maplewood. He Graduated from New York, University of Arts. He began his career at production company of Lawrence Gordon. After that, he became a President for Motion Picture. He got his first credit for being an associate producer of The Warrior.

By the year 1985, he formed a new production company called Silver Pictures and successfully produced several films like Lethal Weapon, etc. Joel Silver first appeared on the screen in the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit as the director of that animated short ‘Something’s Cookin. His production house published an episode on HBO’s horror show called Split Personality. He now runs two production companies Silver Pictures and Dark Castle Entertainment. He married Karyn Fields on July 10, 1999.

By the year 1984, he designed his Hollywood house which made a huge investment to take them back to their original position. This house was then used to represent as a logo for their production company.

He produced several talkies that include The nice guys, Veronica Mars (in the year 2014), The Loft, Non-stop, ‘Getaway’, Enemies Closer, The Factory, Dragon Eyes, ‘ Unknown’ (in the year 2011), The Losers (in 2010), The Matrix (in 1999), Made Men (in 1999), Romeo must die (in 2000), Exit Wounds (by 2001), ‘Proximity’ (by 2001), Fair Game (in 1995), Father's Day (in 1997), Stash House (by 2012), Die Hard (in 1988), Die Hard2 (in 1990), ‘Orphan’, ‘Splice’, Moonlight, The Reaping (by 2007), The Invasion, V for Vendetta (by 2005), Fred Clause (in 2007), ‘Rocknrolla’, Speed Racer (by 2008), Richie Rich (in 1994), Lethal Weapon3 (in 1992), The Last Boy Scout, ‘Commando’, House of Wax (by 2005), ‘Gothika’ (in 2003), The Brave One (in 2007), ‘Predator’ (in 1987) 'Mex', 'Xanadu' (in 1980), ‘48Hrs’ (in 1982), Ghost ship (by 2002), ‘Swordfish’ (in 2001), The Animatrix (by 2003), Street of fire, ‘Ritual’, Thirteen Ghost (in 2001).

Joe Roth English Actor

Joe Roth

Joe Roth is an American, Los Angeles based director-producer, as well as a film executive active in the Western entertainment industry since the early 1970’s. Born in New York, USA, on 13th June, 1948, Roth is known for his work on movies like “Die Hard 2”, “Alice in Wonderland”, “Maleficent”, and “Snow White and the Huntsman”. Joe was also the majority share owner of the Seattle-based major league soccer franchise, “Seattle Sounders FC”. However, recently, in November 2015, he transferred his majority ownership to the team proprietor, Adrian Hanauer. He is also the elder brother of actor, George Roth, and son-in-law to the famous producer, Samuel Z. Arkoff. Currently married to Donna Roth, the producer-director is a father to three children. Joe started his career in San Francisco as a commercial and feature films production assistant after completing his degree in Public Communications at the Boston University. While at the job, he also ran lights for a comedy troupe, “The Pitschel Players”, along with booking movies for theaters. The improvised comedy group, “The Pitschel Players”, moved to San Francisco in 1974 and so did Roth. Here, he started producing their shows and began his journey to success. After two years of producing shows for the group, he released his first venture in 1976, “Tunnel Vision”. The movie did well at its release and grossed 17 million dollars. The movie was a parody of television shows with a star cast of the soon-to-be-famous comic stars Chevy Chase, Howard Hesseman, and Laraine Newman. Joe played a small acting role in the movie. After several low budget, but successfully produced flicks, Roth decided to try on another role, the director. His first directorial venture was the movie, “Streets of Gold”, released in 1988. This was followed by the movie, “Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise”, released a year later, and “Coupe de Ville” released in 1990. He went on to release six movies under his directorial wing over his career. In 1987, he co-founded the production company, “Morgan Creek Productions”, with partner Jim Robinson, and released various films like “Young Guns” and “Dead Ringers”, under the aegis of the company. In 1989, Roth joined office at the 20th Century Fox as the Chairman of the Theatrical Films division. He held the position till 1992 and chalked up some successful films. After resignation from Fox, Roth moved on to Disney and co-founded an independent film division with them, “Caravan Pictures”, with associate Roger Birnbaum, who started work effectively from January 1993. With productions like “Angels in the Outfield”, he led the company to new heights, with 18 movies grossing a total of 100 million dollars, domestically. Owing to his strong reputation, in September 1994, Joe was appointed the new Disney CEO, replacing Jeffery Katzenberg. As such, Joe Roth became the first ever director to hold the office of a CEO of a major film studio. Following his tenure at Disney, Roth founded yet another production company, “Revolution Pictures”, in 2000, with the help of funding from Sony Pictures. After announcing his resignation from Disney in January that year, he went on to produce and direct various films under the banner of “Revolution Pictures”. However, in April of 2006, he announced that “Revolution Pictures” would cease to exist after its 7-year contract with Sony, and Roth would move on to being a producer for Sony Pictures. Joe Roth has been a versatile director and producer, and has worked with various major artists like Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise. His most latest upcoming venture is expected to release later this year and is the sequel to the “Alice in Wonderland” series, namely “Alice through the Looking Glass”.


John Battsek

John Battsek is a very famous producer for documentary films. He has produced some of the best documentaries ever. He originally hails from the United Kingdom. John is British by birth. He is the head of the film department of the famous Passion Pictures Production Company. He started his production career in the year 1999, working for Passion Pictures. His first movie was One Day In September. He was nominated twice for the PGA Awards. In the year 2010, he was nominated for the film Sergio. In the year 2011, he received his second nomination for the film The Tilman Story. He also received the prestigious G. T. Award for his endless contributions to the promotion and success of documentary films. After One Day In September, he returned as the Executive Producer of the film The Game of Their Lives in the year 2002. Then in 2003, he returned as the producer for the documentary Live Forever: The Rise and Fall of British Pop music. In 2004, John was the co-producer of the film Peace One Day. In the same year, he was also the co-producer of Lila Says. In 2005, John was the producer of two films namely Black Sun and The State of Mind. These films had great reviews from the critics and received much appreciation from the viewers. John was the producer of three films in the year 2006. His first film as a producer in 2006 was a very famous film and its name was Once In a Lifetime. His second movie in 2006 was In The Shadow of the Moon. He was the executive producer of that film. John’s third film in 2006 was Crossing The Line. In 2007, John was the executive producer in two films. The first film was My Kid Could Paint That and the second film was In Prison My Whole Life. In 2008, John produced Sergio which earned him a PGA Award. He has produced many more films like Project Nim, Fire in Babylon, The Tilman Story which earned him his second PGA award., Better this world, The Age of Stupid, Restrepo and much more. In 2016, he was the producer of the film We are X. in 2017, his latest works include Five Came Back. John was the producer of the film Listen to me Marlon in the year 2015. In 2014, John failed to release any movie. In 2013, John was the producer of the film How I Live Now.

John Battsek English Actor