Jonas Rivera English Actor
Other Skills
    - Producer

Jonas Rivera is a well-known American producer. He had produced the Pixar movie Up in 2009. He is a graduate of the San Francisco State University. He started working with the with Pixar Animation Studios from 1994. He was born and brought up in California. At a very young age, he became an animator for and Disney. In his childhood, he used to have multiple trips to Disneyland, and he loved watching old Disney movies which fascinated him a lot and became one of the core reasons of him becoming an animator.

Although he always had a feeling in him that he could not be successful as an animator, it was his passion and desire that directed himself to Pixar. It was during the time when he was a student at the San Francisco State University when he saw Luxo Jr. He was very much affected by what he had noticed in him and inquired about taking a job. It was clear there that his dreams were to come true when he got the reply of he could come tomorrow? After which there was no spinning back for him, and he worked in almost every movie which was done by Pixar. He was hired as an intern in the production team for Toy Story. He was amazed at the shooting and the animation, for him, it was mind blowing to see the live sequences of fights conducted by the Star Wars.

After Toy Story, he served in the A Bug’s Life, as an art department coordinator for Toy Story 2. Later an art department manager for Monsters Inc. And finally he made by to the position of production manager for Cars. In 2009, Jonas was awarded the Guild of America award for his performance in the movie Up by Bob Petersen and Pete Docter. The film received numerous from the critics and the audience. The audiences loved the character of Russel and Carl. Up not just received good response it even minted a lot of good collection.

The movie grossed a total collection of $731 million worldwide and was even honoured with and the Best Animated Feature Film and the Best Original Score at the Academy Awards for 2010. The movie was even nominated in the category of Best Screenplay and was the first computer-animated movie to be honoured with the Best Picture nomination. In 2015 he worked with Pete Docter in his movie Inside Out Click to look into! >> Read More... Inside Out . In the same year, he came up with Riley's First Date? where he served as the Executive Producer. He got married to Michele and had three children's son William, and daughters Elsa and Ava.