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Donald Kushner is an American film producer. He has worked in the animation field. He has even been a part of the theater. He is best known for his action sequences in his movies. His movies always used to be action packed and full of thrill. His best movies include Tron in 1982, The Adventures of Pinocchio in 1996, Monster in 2003 and the sequel movie TRON: Legacy in 2010. He was born in Rhode Island, U.S. and he was born to Ann Gardner. His parents had three children, and he was their only son. He went to Providence High School. He did his junior college from the Syracuse University in 1971. He is a law graduate from Boston University in 1973. He did a one-year art course from Florence, in Italy. While pursuing his law practice in Boston, he came into contact with many business clients. He developed more contacts in the industry, and as a result, he got a chance to produce plays for Boston stage.

His plays included the Player Piano, which was the first theater adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut and P.S. Your Cat Is Dead. In 1977, he partnered with Steven Lisberger, who works as a filmmaker. In 1978, the two moved to the west to proceed in their works. Animalympics for NBC was produced by them. It was a 90-minute animated movie. After Animalympics, he produced his first action movie Tron in 1982 for Walt Disney Pictures. The movie was directed by Steven Lisberger, and the movie starred Jeff Bridges Jeff Bridges is a movie actor as well as a produce >> Read More... , Bruce Boxleitner Bruce Boxleitner is an American television and fil >> Read More... , Cindy Morgan, Barnard Hughes and David Warner in the lead roles. The science fiction story of the movie was given by Bonnie MacBird and Lisberger. After Tron, he produced the television series Automan, with Peter Locke, and Glen A. Larson in 1980.

The series was based on a crime fighter. The series also has the similar animation effects like that of his movie Tron. The series was aired on ABC channel. The series featured Desi Arnaz, Jr., Robert Lansing, Heather McNair, Chuck Wagner and Gerald S. O'Loughlin. He is the co-founder of The Kushner-Locke Company along with Peter Locke. They founded the company in 1980 and the companies still produce television series and movies. He served as an executive producer for the sequel movie Tron: Legacy in 2010. The movie was directed by Joseph Kosinski Joseph Kosinski is a TV advertisement as well as a >> Read More... and written by Edward Kitsis, and Adam Horowitz. The movie star cast included James Frain James Dominic Frain is a stage and on-screen actor >> Read More... , Michael Sheen Michael Christopher Sheen, is an actor from Wales, >> Read More... , Beau Garrett Beau Garrett was brought up in Topanga Canyon in t >> Read More... , Olivia Wilde Olivia Wilde was born on March 10th, 1984 in NewYo >> Read More... , Garrett Hedlund Garrett John Hedlund is a Hollywood actor, singer, >> Read More... , and Jeff Bridges in the lead role. He is the owner of The Chinese Theater along with Elie Samaha. He has three children. Two daughters Alwyn, Jasper, and one son Spencer. His daughter Alwyn is working in the industry as a producer and has even worked with her father in many movies. She also holds the position of Chief Operating Officer and President of the Chinese Theater.


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