Clayton Townsend English Actor
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Clayton is a Hollywood producer. He is most popular for his collaboration with Oliver Stone Oliver Stone, also known as William Oliver Stone, >> Read More... Oliver Stone , who is also a reputed director. He was also collaborated the multi-talented Judd Apatow Judd Apatow is an actor, producer, comedian and di >> Read More... Judd Apatow . Clayton is popular in the film world because of his friendly and happy personality, so much so that he doesn’t distinguish between a writer and a producer. He believes in having a transparent relation with everyone he is working with.

All his films in which he worked with Oliver Stone are Born On The Fourth July, ‘JKF’, and The Doors. The movie ‘Born on the Fourth of July’ is a movie on the life of Ron Kovic, the third man in the Vietnam War. Through this picture they showed the journey till the Vietnam War of a man. The character was played by . Clayton played a major part in the recreation of the city of Vietnam in Philippines, where the movie was filmed. He prevented the relation between the US and Vietnam during the filming.

The movie ‘JFK’ was a drama based on a background of politics and the assassination on John F. Kennedy. The movie was also acclaimed for its unique way of filming in flashback technique. The movie, ‘The Doors’, was a biographical one on the lead singer of the band, Jim Morrison Jim Morrison aka James Douglas, is an American sin >> Read More... Jim Morrison . The character was played by Val Kilmer. The movie ran into controversies for creative license reasons. Next, he started dealing with the comedy films for which he teamed up with Judd Apatow and made some good comic movies which were a hit such as, ‘The 40 Year Old Virgin’.

Judd’s movies were always appreciated for their humour along with have a touch of drama. He is one of the key persons in private production company name Apatow production; it’s an American television series and motion picture production company founded by Judd Apatow and established in the year 1999. Townsend was born on August 5, 1957 at Los Angeles. The all time favorite and blockbuster ‘Fast And Furious 6’ is also his production.

Townsend is a person who always follows his heart. His level of creativity is different. He knows how he can gel up with people. His way of working with other colleagues in the industry shows that he is an experienced and loving person. With his starting movies, he justified his work and gained trust in the Hollywood.