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Gavin Rossdale English Actor

Gavin Rossdale was born on 30th October 1965 in London, England. His full name is Gavin McGregor Rossdale. He is a very popular singer and actor. He started his career in the year 1983. His wife’s name is Gwen Stefani.

He likes to play Guitar a lot. He plays guitar in his rock band named Bush. Hit Parader ranked him among the Top Heavy Metal Vocalists. In the year 2013, he got the British Academy’s Ivor Novello Award for his International Achievement.

In the year 2017, he became the judge at The Voice UK The Voice UK is a television show in the UK create >> Read More... . He is the son of Barbara Stephan and Douglas Rossdale. His father is Russian and his mother belongs to Scotland. His parents got separated when he was of the age 11.

His mother got remarried and she shifted to Florida. He has two sisters named Lorraine and Soraya. Rossdale learned guitar from her sister’s boyfriend. When he was of age 17, he started his band named Midnight. In the year 1991, he shifted to Los Angeles for few months and he did part-time jobs over there. He has worked as a Production Assistant for a few videos.

He came back to England after spending some time in New York City and he met his Dave Dorrell again. After coming back to England he formed a band which later got renamed as Bush in the year 1994 and they released a Promo named Sixteen Stone.

His band Bush became very popular in the London pubs. Rossdale did a soundtrack for the film XXX named Adrenaline and this was a great achievement by him. The audience loves all his songs a lot. Adrenaline song became the Undertaker’s Desire/Tribute theme song as well.

In the year 2004, Rossdale established an Institute after there was a two year in Bush. In the year 2005, his album ‘Distort Yourself’ got released and it achieved a lot of success. His institute couldn’t succeed much and it didn’t work out after 2006.

In the year 2007, he started working on a solo album. He did a theme song named ‘Cant Stop The World’ for the program named Drive. He recorded his first solo record named Wanderlust and this got released on 3rd June, 2008.

He also worked many popular artists named Katy Perry Katy Perry was born to pastor parents Maurice Huds >> Read More... , Shirley Manson, Dave Stewart. He did a guest appearance performance on the album named Perfect World. In the year 2010, his album Bush again came into existence and he released his album named The sea of memories.