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Dr.Luke birth name was Lukas Sebastian Gottwald. He was born on 26th September in the year 1973. His birth was Providence in Rhode Island in the UNITED STATES. He is professionally known as Dr. Luke. He is an American record producer and songwriter. Dr .Luke began his career by working in the late night television sketch comedy. The name of that comedy was Saturday Night Live Saturday Night Live or popularly called as NBC&#39 >> Read More... in the year 1997.Then he started producing remixes for various artists some of them among are Bon Jovi Jon Bon Jovi, whose original name is John Francis >> Read More... and Gravediggaz. He is a Jewish person. Janusz Jerzy Gottwald was his father who was born in Lask Poland, and he was an architect. Dr. Luke continued to co-write and produce commercially successful records such as ‘Who Knew’ in the year 2006 for Pink, ‘I Kissed a girl’ in the year 2008 for Katy Perry Katy Perry was born to pastor parents Maurice Huds >> Read More... and many more records.

While producing all these Dr Luke has to work with many other artists. Some of them among are Taio Cruz, Britney Spears Britney Jean Spears or Britney Spears is an Americ >> Read More... , Shakira and Pitbull. He is also being noted for signing recording artists and Dr Luke used to play a vital part in their careers. In October 2014 one of the recording artist Kesha alleging sexual assault, abuse by Gottwald and initiated a series of lawsuits and the case is still ongoing in New York Click to look into! >> Read More... . Dr. Luke was a record producer and a songwriter. He loves to play guitar. Manhattan School of Music was attended by Gottwald for two years. As a lead guitarist in the year 1997, he joined the Saturday Night Live Band until next season of year 2006-2007. Including Arrested Development and Nappy Roots, he produced many new tracks and remixes for various artists.

12”Single “Wet Lapse” he released under the name of Kasz for Rawkus Records and for one of the film he remixed as well naming Mortal Kombat. While he was in house party while deejaying, he met Max Martin, and then he accompanied Max Martin in Tours of New York clubs when Martin arrived the city. He was nominated for many of Grammy awards. In the year 2011 he was nominated for in two Awards Producer of the Year, Nonclassical and Album of the year as a Teenage Dream and in the year 2014 for Song of the year(“Roar”) and again in Producer of the Year, Non classical. He was given many Pop music awards in year 2010 for Songwriter of the year and same in the year 2011.


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