Willie Nelson, originally, Willie Hugh Nelson, an American musician, songwriter, singer, poet, activist and an actor was born on April 29, 1933. He is well recognized for his country music albums, Shotgun Willie (1973) along with the success of Red Headed Stranger (1975) and Stardust (1978). A subgenre of the country music, outlaw country, had Willie as a main figures, developed in late 60s. Nelson performed in more than 30 movies, and has active participation in activism of biofuels use and the legalisation of marijuana and co-authored several books. He was just seven year old when he wrote his first song and joined his band at the age of ten. He toured as lead singer and guitar player, locally with the Bohemian Polka during his high school. In 1950, he joined Air force but discontinued due to his back problems, after graduating from high school. He attended Baylor University on his return.

Since his music was succeeding, he dropped out after two years from college. In the same duration, he worked in Texas radio stations as a disc jockey and a singer in honky-tonks. In 1956, he moved to Vancouver, Washington and wrote "Family Bible" along with the recording of "Lumberjack" song. He recorded his first album in 1962, ‘And Then I Wrote’. In 1972, he retired and moved to Austin, Texas. The motivation for Nelson to return from retirement was the ongoing music scene of Austin performing frequently at the Armadillo World Headquarters. Nelson released ‘The IRS Tapes: Who'll Buy My Memories?’; the gains of the double album and the auction of Nelson's possessions cleared his debt in 1992. He continued to perform tours at different destinations along with release of new songs each year.

He uses a hybrid of jazz, pop, rock, blues and folk to create a distinctive blend of country music in his own style of singing behind the beat and gut string guitar. He made his debut in 1979 movie, The Electric Horsemen. Nelson is a co-chair of NORML advisory board, he fought for legalisation of Marijuana. In 2001, he was a participant of benefit telethon America: a tribute to heroes, following the September 11 attacks. In 2004, Nelson and his wife partnered in the building of two pacific bio-diesel plants. He has constantly supported LGBT community rights and released a version of Ned Sublette's "Cowboys Are Frequently, Secretly Fond of Each Other" by Ned Sublette on itunes which faced an instant success. Nelson has proved his grounds at every level of his life from being a singer to an activist.

Wade Morissette English Actor

Wade Morissette

Born on 1 June, 1974, Wade is a Canadian kirtan and indie-pop rock musician. He is also an author, a yoga instructor, and a therapist. He is the son of a Hungarian-born teacher, Georgia Mary Ann Feuerstein and a French-Canadian high school principal, Alan Richard Morissette. He was born in Ottawa, Canada. He has a twin sister Alanis Morissette, whom he considers as an influence and an elder brother Chad. He is teaching yoga for 19 years. From a very young age, Wade inclined towards music. He learned djembe and guitar in his teenage. Wade even studied to play piano in his pre-teen years. A fter visiting India, he encountered devotional Yoga, which made him create his indie pop music. His music contains both English and Sanskrit chants. In 2004, he became an ambassador for an athletic clothing line, Lululemon. At the same time, he ventured into his music album Sargam scales of music. These projects resulted in a world tour to promote both his music and clothing line. He was signed to work with Nettwerk Music Group’s Nutone music division by the company’s CEO Terry McBride, in 2006. Following that, Wade released two albums, Strong as Diamonds: Om Vajra Kaya Namaha and Maha Moha: The Great Delusion, in 2007 and 2008 respectively. Wade is a yoga instructor since 1995. He has learned various techniques of yoga from Canada, North America, and India. In 2009, the musician co-wrote a book with his twin sister, Transformative Yoga: Five keys to unlocking inner bliss. He has certification in Phoenix Rising Yoga therapist and Viniyoga therapist. The yoga master is also an expert in Reiki. He hosts international events to teach his teachings. He has also contributed to Macleans Magazine and Yoga Journal. In 2007, he also made a video called Together and Calling. He has also created Goodnight Angel from Raindrops children album. He is teaching yoga to Barack and Michelle Obama since 2010. He also conducts Kirtans. He has created his versions of Om Namah Shivay, Jay Sita Rama, and Jay Hanuman. The yoga enthusiast is married and has two sons. He feels Sanskrit is a yoga practice for him. Wade’s sister was famous and her songs were topping the chart, whereas Wade has no direction in life. It led him to visit India to find his inner peace, and he knew what he has to do in life. Wade lived for almost three to five years in India. He listened to the chants and thought it present to the whole world with along with his touch. He is also planning to shoot a movie in India based on his life.


Erwin Prasetya

Erwin Prasetya is an iconic musician in Indonesia. He is also very popular for his songwriting skills. He was born on January 19, 1972,in Surabaya in East Java, Indonesia. He is 44 years old and is married to Miranda Prasetya, and together they have 4 children. Erwin was born to Tjoet Mia Agustina and Miroen Koeswandono, and was the youngest of six children. His inclination for music started at a very young age when his father introduced him to the world of music. He listened to almost all the genres of music and showed a keen interest in learning a musical instrument. It was the triple drum that was the first instrument that he managed to master, after which he started playing the guitar under the guidance of his sister’s boyfriend, who was also musically active and associated with a band. He later grew an affinity towards fusion music. He formed a band with his friends and named it “Down Beat.” Then they started performing western fusion music at gigs and competitions, where they usually won awards and accolades. Once they started gaining fame, "Down Beat" later transformed to "Dewa", and they released their first album titled “19.” The band finally christened themselves as "Dewa19" with their names acting as acronyms for the band name. They created their next hit in the song, “Kirana” that dealt with a variety of emotions ranging from drug-related issues to unrequited love. “Kirana,” which means light belonged to the album “Pandawa Lima,” which turned out to be one of the most-loved album produced by "Dewa19". After this whirlwind of fame, Erwin, their bass guitarist, left Dewa19 due to an argument with the band manager. After leaving Dewa19, Erwin could joined some projects with the TIC band in 2003, Kla Project in 2004, and EVO in 2005. The band "EVO" stood for Evolution, and Erwin joined it to stay connected to his music. The musical group concentrated on the advancement of rock music and culture in Indonesia. He finally joined "Matadewa" in 2009, a band that had his former band mates. Erwin also worked with Chand Parwez Servia’s organization Starvision to produce music for “Virgin” that fetched him the FFI award for the category of the Best Background music. Erwin is currently using his musical genius to yield jingles for radios and commercials for large corporations and at the same time is helping his son, Jaco, cultivate his acumen in music. He is very content to work as a producer and composer for now as he works under the banner of Colors Media Group.

Erwin Prasetya English Actor