Zbigniew Preisner is a Film Score Composer. He was born with the name Zbigniew Antoni Kowalski. On the 20th of May in the year 1955, he was born to a Polish family. He is mainly known for his phenomenal work in collaboration with the Film Director, Krzysztof Kieslowski. He is a native of Bielsko-Biala. He completed his studies in History and Philosophy in the city of Krakow. He didn’t follow the orthodox routine of learning and hence, never took any music lessons. He is a self-trained musician and taught himself all the skills by merely listening to records. He also used to transcribe parts from various records to understand their making.

Due to this, he has a unique style of composing. His compositional format represents a distinctive and new form of tonal neo-Romanticism. Some of his acknowledged references are a blend of inspirations from Jean Sibelius and Paganini. Zbigniew Preisner is popular for the music that he has given in the films of his contemporary Polish Director Kieslowski. Zbigniew’s composition for the album Unification of Europe which is based on the Greek text from the 1 Corinthians 13 is symbolized for a character in Kieslowski’s Three Colors: Blue.

The song plays a dominating role in the plot. In another movie by the same director, Preisner’s composition for Three Colors: Red consists a blend of the French and Polish versions of a poem by Polish Nobel Prize-winning poet named Wislawa Szymborska. After seeing Zbigniew Preisner’s work in Three Colors: Blue, he was hired for the Secret Garden which was produced by Francis Ford Coppola. Although Zbigniew is often associated with Kieslowski, he has also worked with numerous other popular directors like Agnieszka Holland. Zbigniew Preisner won a Cesar Award in the year 1996 for his work on Elisa by Jean Becker.

He has won a Cesar in the year 1994 for his composition in the Three Colors: Red. He has been awarded the esteemed Silver Bear in the 47th version of the Berlin International Film Festival which was held in the year 1997. He won this recognition for his work on The Island on Bird Street. He has also been nominated for a Golden Globe for his work in 1993’s Three Colors: Blue and for 1991’s At Pay in the Field of Lord. One of the most popular works of Preisner is Van den Budenmayer which is a fictitious Dutch composer of the 18th century created by him for attribution to various screenplays. It has been used in numerous Polish flicks.

Dr Luke English Actor

Dr Luke

Dr.Luke birth name was Lukas Sebastian Gottwald. He was born on 26th September in the year 1973. His birth was Providence in Rhode Island in the UNITED STATES. He is professionally known as Dr. Luke. He is an American record producer and songwriter. Dr .Luke began his career by working in the late night television sketch comedy. The name of that comedy was Saturday Night Live in the year 1997.Then he started producing remixes for various artists some of them among are Bon Jovi and Gravediggaz. He is a Jewish person. Janusz Jerzy Gottwald was his father who was born in Lask Poland, and he was an architect. Dr. Luke continued to co-write and produce commercially successful records such as ‘Who Knew’ in the year 2006 for Pink, ‘I Kissed a girl’ in the year 2008 for Katy Perry and many more records. While producing all these Dr Luke has to work with many other artists. Some of them among are Taio Cruz, Britney Spears, Shakira and Pitbull. He is also being noted for signing recording artists and Dr Luke used to play a vital part in their careers. In October 2014 one of the recording artist Kesha alleging sexual assault, abuse by Gottwald and initiated a series of lawsuits and the case is still ongoing in New York . Dr. Luke was a record producer and a songwriter. He loves to play guitar. Manhattan School of Music was attended by Gottwald for two years. As a lead guitarist in the year 1997, he joined the Saturday Night Live Band until next season of year 2006-2007. Including Arrested Development and Nappy Roots, he produced many new tracks and remixes for various artists. 12”Single “Wet Lapse” he released under the name of Kasz for Rawkus Records and for one of the film he remixed as well naming Mortal Kombat. While he was in house party while deejaying, he met Max Martin, and then he accompanied Max Martin in Tours of New York clubs when Martin arrived the city. He was nominated for many of Grammy awards. In the year 2011 he was nominated for in two Awards Producer of the Year, Nonclassical and Album of the year as a Teenage Dream and in the year 2014 for Song of the year(“Roar”) and again in Producer of the Year, Non classical. He was given many Pop music awards in year 2010 for Songwriter of the year and same in the year 2011.



Eazy-E, whose actual name was Eric Lynn Wright, was a rapper who became famous after being a part of N.W.A. He was born in Compton, California, United States of America, on September 7, 1964, to Kathie, an administrator at a grade school, and Richard Wright, a worker at a post office. The area where he grew up was a notorious neighborhood. Eric hated school and stopped going to it after the tenth standard. His cousin introduced him to drugs, and he started to sell it to become financially stable. In fact, Eric earned as much as two hundred and fifty thousand dollars while being a drug dealer. However, after the death of his cousin, he decided to quit the business and carve a career in music. Eric commenced his journey with recording songs in his house garage. With the help of his friend Jerry Heller, they established a company named Ruthless Records. Eric's debut album Eazy-Duz-It was a massive hit. He then joined N.W.A., and together they began producing some enjoyable songs and collections like Niggaz4Life, Straight Outta Compton, 100 Miles and Runnin', and others. In 1990, N.W.A split up due to individual fights and ego tussles. His fans call him The Godfather of Gangsta rap. In 1995, Eric's loved ones admitted him to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles. Initially, they thought he had asthma since Eric was coughing and wincing rigorously, but doctors later declared that he had contracted AIDS. It caused an uproar and magazines like Newsweek, Jet, The Crisis, Vibe, and others covered the news. One month later, his condition worsened, and he passed away. They kept Eric in a gold basket and buried him in Rose Hills Memorial Park, Whittier, California, on April 7, 1995. Instead of the traditional black suit, he spotted jeans, Compton hat, and a flannel shirt. Ten months later, Ruthless Records released Str8 off the Streetz of Muthaphukkin Compton posthumously. During Eric's last days, he managed to have cordial relationships with his estranged former bandmates. Eric is the father of nine children; most have different mothers. One of his daughter, Erin, is an aspiring filmmaker. Twelve days before his death, he married Tomica Woods, in Los Angeles. Tomica became the owner of Ruthless Records after his death. Several filmmakers and writers have produced video biographies books respectively depicting Eric's life like The Day Eazy-E Died and Dead and Gone. Jason Mitchell played him in Straight Outta Compton. In spite of leaving school, he Eric managed to secure a high-school general equivalency diploma.

Eazy-E English Actor