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Alexandra Krosney

Lisa Vicari

Gemma Arterton

Kelly Vitz

Phyllis Smith

Paris Hilton

Melissa McCarthy

Janet Margolin

Juliane Köhler

Julie Bowen


Daniella Monet English TV-Actress
Born: 1 March 1989

Age Now 35

Daniella Monet - (TV-Actress)

Javier Bardem English Movie Actor
Born: 1 March 1969

Age Now 55

Javier Bardem - (Movie Actor)

Cara Buono English Movie Actress
Born: 1 March 1974

Age Now 50

Cara Buono - (Movie Actress)

Joan Hackett English TV-Actress
Born: 1 March 1934

Lived For 48 Years

Joan Hackett - (TV-Actress)

Justin Bieber English Singer
Born: 1 March 1994

Age Now 30

Justin Bieber - (Singer)

Zack Snyder English Director
Born: 1 March 1966

Age Now 58

Zack Snyder - (Director)

Jack Davenport English Movie Actor
Born: 1 March 1973

Age Now 51

Jack Davenport - (Movie Actor)

Ron Howard  English Director
Born: 1 March 1954

Age Now 70

Ron Howard - (Director)


Movie Actress Queen Of The Film

All the female performers on the screen are the actors. Actresses can have lead roles or can be supporting the leads; they might even just have a minor role wherein they come on the screen for a very short span of time. During the casting of the film, they might as well appear for some auditions or screen tests in front of the casting team and the director. They essentially read scripts, and consult with their agents if they wish to be a part of it, and then they sign. The director of a film and the actor need to work out on the dates of the shoot and make sure that the actress’ dates don’t clash with any other assignments that she has already committed to. The actresses might need to pick up different art forms for their roles, or to learn a language (or simply get a hold of the accent).

They need to maintain a good diet and exercise on a regular basis to stay fit. They might need to shape their bodies according to their on-screen characters. They need to travel extensively for their shooting as well as promotions. They are well versed with the script and know the importance of each character in the film. The director is the person with whom the actresses interacts the most. While some film-makers give them complete freedom to act the way they wish to and deviate from the script a little bit, certain directors like it if the actresses stick to the script strictly.

The actresses also need to go through a rigorous styling phase- the costumes, make-up, hair and the like. They need to coordinate with the cameramen for every take that is shot and also work well with the make-up artists (even between the takes for touch-ups). For women, styling is extremely important no matter what kind of roles they play- even if they have a very basic costume structure throughout the film.