Jessica Phyllis Lange was born on April 20th 1949 in the Cloquet city of United States of America’s Minnesota. She is 5 feet 8 inches tall. She is also known by the pet-name Jessie. Her star sign is Taurus. Her father’s name was Albert John Lange, who was a travel salesman and teacher by profession and Dorothy Florence, who was a home maker. She has a younger brother named George, and two elder sisters, Jane and Ann. Jessie did her graduation from the Cloquet High School in Minnesota. She was offered a scholarship by the University of Minnesota in 1967 and studied arts and photography at this institution. She met her future husband Paco Grande there and in 1971 the couple got married. She learned mime at the Mime Theatre of Paris and became a student of Etienne Decroux. She later joined the dance Opera-Comique.

In 1981, Jessica and Paco Grande, who is an American producer, filed for divorce. She was with Sam Shepard (American actor) from 1982 to 2009. She is the mother of Aleksandra Baryshnikova, Samuel Walker, and Hannah Jane. She has also adopted a child with mental disabilities. In 1972, she was discovered by Antonio Lopez, a fashion illustrator. He gave her an opportunity of becoming a model, and that’s how she started working for Wilhelmina Modelling Agency as a model. During her modelling days, she was spotted by Dino De Laurentiis, who was then in a search of his next leading lady for the movie King Kong.

Finally in 1976, she made her debut with the movie King Kong. This film was a remake of the film King Kong of 1933. The movie was based on the destruction caused in the New York City by a giant ape. The film starred Jessica along with Charles Grodin and Jeff Bridges in the lead. Jessica played the role of Dawn. This film was a major success and got favourable response from the viewers. In 2011, she was cast on the American Horror Story series by the FX horror anthology. She played a supporting role of Constance Langdon. In 1992, she was given the lead of role of Blache DuBois in a Broadway show by Ryan Murphy in 1992.

She is the winner of two Oscar Awards for her performances in Tootsie (1982) and Blue Sky (1994). Jessie practises Buddhism. She says that she finds it to be the most peaceful and disciplined religion. She is also a professional photographer and released a picture album, entitled 50 Photographs. Jessica is the Goodwill Ambassador for the UNICEF. She is engaged in spreading awareness about the HIV-AIDS epidemic in Congo and Russia.

Another Version Of This Bio:

Born in Cloquet, Minnesota, Jessica Lange is an American actress, who is internationally acknowledged for her excellent performances in films, theater, and television. Entertainment Weekly enlisted her as one of the “Greatest Actresses” of the 90s. We are talking about some real talent here, people! At the same time as modeling for one of the modeling agencies, Jessica Lange was discovered by the producer, Dino de Laurentis and therefore, she made her debut in the professional field of acting in the 1976 remake of “King Kong.” For this, she earned a freaking Golden Globe Award. She became the first artist to acquire two Oscar nominations within the same year. Furthermore, she gained another Golden Globe Award and another Academy Award for Best Actress for her wonderful presentation in “Tootsie”, where she became a soap opera celebrity.

In “Blue Sky”, she enacted the character of a hysterical depressive housewife, a role which was so challenging and brilliant in its depiction that Jessica Lange won her third Golden Globe Award, another Academy Award for Best Actress and most importantly, the Oscar. Other films in her impressive resume include, “All That Jazz”, The Postman Always Rings Twice”, “Crime of the Heart”, “Men Don’t Leave”, “A Thousand Acres”, “ The Gambler”, “Wild Oats”, “ The Vow”, “ In Secret” etc. Another award in her pocket is that for her remarkable performance in “A Streetcar Named Desire”, which was her Broadway debut as, Blanche DuBois; she won the Theater World Award for this one.

She became the first and foremost actress to acquire the Olivier Award for Best Actress. When it comes to award trophies, it seems that Jessica Lange has a massive closet in her mansion for their storage. She earned a Primetime Emmy Award for her character as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’s famous aunt, Big Edie in HBO’s “Grey Gardens”, in the year 2009. For her role in the first and the third season of “American Horror Story”, she won numerous awards namely, “Golden Globe Award”, “Screen Actors Guild Award”, and “Emmy Awards”.

Besides being a photographer too, she is the “Goodwill Ambassador” for UNICEF and is also a foster parent. In the year 2014, famous fashion designer, Marc Jacobs decided to pick her to be the premiere model for his high-end beauty line, “Marc Jacobs Beauty.” No wonder that talent and beauty solely reside at the doorstep of Jessica Lange’s mansion!

Jennifer Morrison English Actress

Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer Morrison is an American Actress, Model and a Producer. She was born as Jennifer Marie Morrison on 12 April 1979. She is none other than that the brilliant and empathetic immunologist in Fox’s hit show “House MD”. Jennifer is the talented daughter of a couple who used to teach music at Prospect High School. Having come from a family of art oriented people, it was probably easy for her to make career choices in theatre and music. Jennifer, who has spent her childhood mostly in Arlington Heights, attended Loyola University Chicago where she earned her Theatre major and also studied English. The very obvious thing for her to do next was to dive into the acting industry. She got training at Steppenwolf Theatre Company before exploring her talent on the big screen. Jennifer, 37 is multi-talented who did not restrict herself to just acting but also tried her hands in modeling. She lent her face to print media advertisements and also shined on the cover of “Sports Illustrated” with ‘Michael Jordan’. She began her acting during her teens by playing small but noticeable roles in movies. She first appeared as a daughter to ‘Richard Gere’, an established name and ‘Sharon Stone’, already a popular actor, in the movie “Intersection”. Then, she made appearances in many movies after that like “A Stir of Echoes” alongside ‘Kevin Bacon’. Jennifer experimented with different genres in the cinema and embraced horror/thriller for some time in her career.  She is seen haunting Kevin Bacon in this horror flick Stir of Echoes. It was the year 2000, where her face was certainly well registered among the audience with the movie Urban Legends: Final Cut. This thriller sequel gave Jennifer enough screen space for her to explore her acting skills. Later, Jennifer turned to television and involved herself in it. She thought to utilize her talent in television shows like Dawson’s Creek (2001) where she plays girlfriend to ‘Joshua Jackson’. We see the other side of Jennifer in 2003 teenage comedy Grind, where she dons all possible attributes of a perfect tantrum throwing teenage girl. Her friendship with ‘Ashlee Simpson’ in Hollywood took her as a consistent guest in Simpson’s reality show. Adding to her list of comedy films was Surviving Christmas, which went to theatre in 2004 with ‘Ben Affleck’ alongside. And Jennifer proves her action skills in the infamous Mr. and Mrs. Smith in 2005. Jennifer begot a major career-elevating role of Dr. Allison Cameron in House MD which got her immense popularity and which was credited for her acting maneuvers. Cameron is a role of an immunologist who works with Gregory House bring everything that House aka Hugh Grant is incapable of in the role. She plays the sensitive, rational and caring doctor on the show, as opposed to her boss House. It was also this show which was responsible for getting many prestigious award nominations and many accolades. Her role as Cameron will forever be remembered. It was during this show, that Jennifer met ‘Jesse Spencer’ who plays doctor in the same show and later both got engaged in December 23rd, 2006. She confessed that Jesse proposed to her at the Eiffel Tower, the perfect spot for proposals. But this love affair did not last long, and the couple split up the following year. Jennifer’s stints at the movies continued and she was producing an independent feature film Flourish in which she also acted. The role of a troubled woman in a mental asylum was played by her. She was next seen in the opening scene of Star Trek movie directed by none other than 'J J Abrams', as a mother to James. T. Kirk in 2009. The very next year we saw Jennifer playing ‘Ted Mosby’ love interest in the sitcom “How I Met Your Mother” on CBS. In this popular show, Jennifer has been seen in 13 episodes, and that is the longest by any female role being given in the show. In the Broadway musical The Miracle Worker, Jennifer bagged the role of Helen Keller’s mother aka Kate Keller. By this, she always kept her love for theatre alive. Jennifer got a lead role in the reality and fantasy convoluting show called Once Upon A Time in 2011. She gained immense popularity in such little time and became an instant favorite among the kids for playing the lost daughter of Prince Charming and Snow White. Jennifer, who plays Emma Sawn in the mystical show is proud of her character and always adores the role. Jennifer personally feels that Emma character is a strong one and she shows great strength in her. ‘Sebastian Stan’, who was Jennifer’s co-star in the show, was also seen with her off the show. Jennifer and Sebastian were believed to be dating during the show but in 2012 they went their separate ways.  Her work in the show, however, caught people’s attention, and the show went on getting renewed for the next season. The dimple-charmed actor talks about filming a mystery and superpower show and explains to us how it involves a lot of hard work to perform stunts and to make it all look real. She admits that the role of Emma is inspiring and zealous to her, not alone in the show but also in real life. She says she is drawn toward Emma and says that Emma brings some sense of authenticity to the show. Interestingly, Jennifer was a Clarinet player and a choir singer and also a cheerleader in her school days. Her parents being music instructors helped Jennifer   to turn towards music in her life. She has music videos like What I Want and Shut Up to her credit. She was also responsible for bringing the musical drama Glee to come to life. It was Jennifer’s efforts to bring to life; the music shows the concept of Glee, which was such huge success. It looks like her talents never ending, nor her career in Hollywood. Jennifer, who personally considers Alice in Wonderland and Cinderella as her favorite fairy tales, is often asked about her fitness and her diet. Jennifer is often interviewed asking her everyday diet, and she calmly owes it to exercising six days a week and avoiding junk food. At present (2016), she had her own Production Company and named it as “Apartment 3C Productions”. The brilliant actor will now begin her maiden venture feature film Sun Dogs, which is yet to go down the floor for the shoot.  Another Version Of This Bio: Born in Chicago and brought in Arlington Heights, Illinois, Jennifer Morrison is an American actress, model and producer, who is famously recognized for her character in the medical television series, “House” as Dr. Allison Cameron. Being the oldest of the three children in her family, Morrison did her schooling from Prospect High School in the year 1997. She was in the cheerleading pep group of her school and an All-State clarinet player. She joined Loyola University Chicago where she exceled in theatre and minored in English. She also learnt at the Steppenwolf Theater Company before transferring to Los Angeles to chase her dream in acting. Her career in the glamour industry started as a child artist, modeling for various brand commercials like, Rice Krispies, Mondo, JCPenney etc. She was also on the cover page of Sports Illustrated for Kids with the basketball star, Michael Jordan (1992). Morrison’s first lead role came in with the film, “Urban Legends: Final Cut” in the year 2000. Since then, she has come to feature in numerous other movies like, “Grind”, “Surviving Christmas”, “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” etc. Some of the popular television series in which she has worked are, “Touched by an Angel”, “Once Upon a Time”, “Dawson’s Creek” etc. Besides her role as “Allison Cameron” in “House”, she has worked in an independent film called, “Flourish” and other projects such as, “The Murder of Princess Diana”, and “Big Stan”. She has also depicted the character of Zoey Pierson in the popular television series, “How I Met Your Mother”, where she was the lead character’s (Ted Mosby) love interest, among the other love interests. She also starred alongside Tom Hardy and Nick Nolte in the movie, “Warrior”, which is about two alienated brothers who enlist in a mixed martial arts competition and confront their floundering connection with each other and their father. In the year of 2016, she released her own movie production establishment, “Apartment 3C Production” and she will produce the movie, “Sun Dogs” under this label. Jennifer Morrison has dated Jesse Spencer, her co-star in the show, “House”; they eventually called off their engagement in the year 2007. She has also been in a relationship with another co-star from the show, “Once Upon a Time”, Sebastien Stan from the year 2012 to 2013.


Jessie Wiseman

Jessie Wiseman is an Actress. She is an amazing person and has acted in three films till now but in all of the movies she has proved her worth and showcased her acting skills. She debuted as an actress in the 2011 movie, “Bellflower” where she portrayed the character of Milly. The story is about two friends Woodrow and Aiden who move to Los Angeles to test their weapons. Woodrow accepts a challenge from Milly and in the process, they exchange numbers. They both fly to Texas to eat at the scariest place. There Woodrow gets into a fight with a local person who disrespects Milly. Meanwhile, Aiden completes the flamethrower but is upset with Woodrow for spending much of his time with Milly instead of him. Woodrow catches Milly and Mike having sex in their apartment and breaks into a fight with Mike, Woodrow becomes furious and leaves her apartment but on his way home meets a car accident. Aiden gets angry over hearing this and tries to avenge his friend’s accident. When Courtney comes to see Woodrow, they start to have sex with each other though he knows Aiden is interested in her, they continue to have sex. There is an increasing amount of fight in the movie which results in the characters harming each other. Milly hits Woodrow making him unconscious and tattoos her chin, upper lip, and another part. Seeing the condition of his face, Woodrow visits Milly and they indulge in a vigorous fight and it results in a rough sex between them, leaving Milly groaning in pain. On the way home, Woodrow meets Courtney with a gun pointed at her head. The camera rolls and the film ends. The picture is very gruesome with all the slangs and the rough sex. Jessie proved her acting skills in the picture adapting to all the extreme challenges to meet the requirement of the flick. Her second film, “50K and a Call Girl: A Love Story” released in 2014 is about some friends on a road trip with a budget of 50,000 offered by Seth to his brother, Ross who is just diagnosed with cancer knows that he has only 6 months to live. They set their trip where Ross invites a call girl and Seth’s fiancé unknowingly joins the trip making it complicated for both of them. The flick is full of comic and humorous situations with them hiding the facts about the call girl. Jessie delivered her best in the picture and rose to the limelight. Her last movie, “Helen Keller vs. Night Wolves” projects her as young Helen Keller. It did a good business at the theatres and the audience loved the flick.

Jessie Wiseman English Actress