Russell Geoffrey Banks was born on November 13, 1981. He is an English actor and writer. Geoffrey is best known for playing roles in remarkable horror films like a Ghost house, Pernicious, Cam2cam and Who's Watching Oliver. His birthplace is Northampton, but Russell grew up in London with his family except his father. After he turned twelve, he moved to the Isle of Wight.

He also suffered Dyslexia at a young age, leaving him behind at school. College expelled him after being caught selling fireworks. For five years, he worked as a market trader. Russell also worked in bars and restaurants, as well as cinemas and call centers.

He started his career as an extra in the film industry, later growing to a stand-in on movies like Hangover Part 2. He had his first lead role in Goodnight Gloria, and the co-writer of the film was Banks himself. He also traveled to India to shoot a movie featuring Kamal Hasan and Shekhar Kapoor named Vishwaroopam 2.

He won two film festival award in the year 2017, and successfully made to the nomination for a further three for his portrayal of Oliver who is a mentally unstable serial killer in the film Who's Watching Oliver, a film co-written by Geoffrey Banks.

In 2017, he won the best actor award three times for the work of Who's Watching Oliver. He won the best actor title in Bloody Horror International Film Festival, Vancouver Bad-Ass Film Festival, Fright Night Theatre Film Festival FNTFF and got nominated for the best actor award in Independent Horror Movie Awards, Horror Hound Weekend Film Festival.

He played many roles in different movies like in the film directed by Joel Soisson; he played a homicidal maniac. In the film Darling, he played a role of child kidnapper. In the movie Virudhagiri, he played a role of chief police.

Chester Hanks English Actor

Chester Hanks

Chester Hanks is an actor by profession in Hollywood films. He is also known by the name Chet Hanks and Chet Haze. He was born on 4 August 1990 in Los Angeles situated in California, United States. His father’s name is Tom Hanks and mother’s name is Rita Wilson who is also actors by profession. He completed his education from the Northwestern University. He has three siblings named Colin Hanks, Elizabeth Ann Hanks, and Truman Theodore Hanks. He is the grandson of Janet Marylyn Frager, Amos Mefford Hanks, Dorothy Wilson, and Allan Wilson. He is a talented actor who is seen in the films such as Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull of 2008, Larry Crowne of 2011, Fantastic Four of 2015, and Bratz: The Movie of 2007. He has also worked in some television shows including Empire and Tales. In “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” he got the chance to work with the director Steven Spielberg and the producer Frank Marshall. It was an action plus adventure film that released in the cinemas on 22 May 2008. It received a good response from its audience and hence was a successful part of his career. In “Larry Crowne,” he played the small role of a pizza delivery boy. The film was directed by his father, Tom Hanks. It was a romantic movie with a pinch of comedy that released in the theatres of U.S. on 1 July 2011. In “Fantastic Four,” he worked with the director Josh Trank and the producers Simon Kinberg, Matthew Vaughn, Hutch Parker, Robert Kulzer, and Gregory Goodman. He played a very small role in the film. It was of a character named Jimmy Grimm who was Ben’s older brother in the story. It released into the theatres on of United States on 7 August 2015 and in New York on 4 August 2015. In “Bratz: The Movie,” he had the chance to work with the director Sean McNamara and the producers Isaac Larian, Steven Paul, and Avi Arad. It was a musical drama that contained s good dose of comedy and released into the theatres of U.S. on 3 August 2007. In the “Empire” TV series, Chet played the role of Blake Sterling. It is also a successful TV drama. So, even though he played small roles in movies, he gave his best to every character he played.


Jimm Stark

Jimm Stark is an actor, model, and even a writer & director. He started as a prosthetic or special make -up effects artist for TV and the film industry. His interest in prosthetics started at an early period of his career in a mini-TV series. But then, he switched over to the role of a stunt director. It is believed that he has set up his production company called TOTEM Films, where he is an assistant director, stunt coordinator, actor, stunt performer. 'Hound' is the work of Simba Masaku, Jimm Stark, and Oliver Kausar, who have teamed up to form Totem Films in an attempt to realize their big screen ambitions. These are a team of young filmmakers who want to create a touch of Hollywood into filmmaking. For this movie, Jimm Stark was the producer, actor, make-up supervisor, special effects designer, cinematographer, second unit director, and even VFX editor. As an actor, he worked in TV series like 'Hijack' where he played the character of the hostage, and for another drama TV series 'The Hollow Crown,' he played the role of a street servant. He worked as a stunt director for two more short movies, 'Zombie Hood,' and 'The Session.' It will be incomplete if we don't mention about his debut as a stunt director for the Tamil movie 'Valladesam' for which he was the stunt coordinator, stunt performer, and stunt rigger too, Valladesam was a Tamil movie, directed by London-based filmmaker Nantha Thurai. Since the film was shot in London, Jimm Stark played a small role in the movie and was also the stunt coordinator.

Jimm Stark English Actor