Chester Hanks

Other names of Chester Hanks: Chet Hanks
Chester Hanks English Actor

Chester Hanks is an actor by profession in Hollywood films. He is also known by the name Chet Hanks and Chet Haze. He was born on 4 August 1990 in Los Angeles situated in California, United States. His father’s name is and mother’s name is Rita Wilson Rita Wilson took birth on 26th October of 1956. Pr >> Read More... Rita Wilson who is also actors by profession. He completed his education from the Northwestern University.

He has three siblings named Colin Hanks Colin Hanks is American actor who is known for his >> Read More... Colin Hanks , Elizabeth Ann Hanks, and Truman Theodore Hanks. He is the grandson of Janet Marylyn Frager, Amos Mefford Hanks, Dorothy Wilson, and Allan Wilson. He is a talented actor who is seen in the films such as Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull of 2008, Larry Crowne Click to look into! >> Read More... Larry Crowne of 2011, Fantastic Four Click to look into! >> Read More... Fantastic Four of 2015, and Bratz: The Movie of 2007.

He has also worked in some television shows including Empire and Tales. In “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” he got the chance to work with the director Steven Spielberg Steven Spielberg is an American producer, director >> Read More... Steven Spielberg and the producer Frank Marshall Frank Marshall is an American director and produce >> Read More... Frank Marshall . It was an action plus adventure film that released in the cinemas on 22 May 2008. It received a good response from its audience and hence was a successful part of his career.

In “Larry Crowne,” he played the small role of a pizza delivery boy. The film was directed by his father, Tom Hanks. It was a romantic movie with a pinch of comedy that released in the theatres of U.S. on 1 July 2011. In “Fantastic Four,” he worked with the director Josh Trank Josh Trank is a Hollywood producer, screenwriter, >> Read More... Josh Trank and the producers Simon Kinberg, Matthew Vaughn Matthew Vaughn is a director and producer. His bir >> Read More... Matthew Vaughn , Hutch Parker, Robert Kulzer, and Gregory Goodman. He played a very small role in the film.

It was of a character named Jimmy Grimm who was Ben’s older brother in the story. It released into the theatres on of United States on 7 August 2015 and in New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York on 4 August 2015. In “Bratz: The Movie,” he had the chance to work with the director Sean McNamara and the producers Isaac Larian, Steven Paul, and Avi Arad.

It was a musical drama that contained s good dose of comedy and released into the theatres of U.S. on 3 August 2007. In the “Empire” TV series, Chet played the role of Blake Sterling. It is also a successful TV drama. So, even though he played small roles in movies, he gave his best to every character he played.