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Ken Wales is an American cinema personality who has produced a couple of TV shows and movies. Ken was born in the town of Salem (Indiana County) in the United States of America in the year 1939. His parents named him as Kenyard Wales Smith. Ken Wales is one of the proteges of the late Walt Disney. After spending five days with Ken, Walt agreed to finance his studies at a cinema school. In 1958, Ken made his acting debut in Torpedo Run. In the same year, he also featured in Flight for two episodes.

After working on a lot of projects, Ken appeared as a commander in the war drama Operation Bottleneck. However, Ken rarely got credits courtesy his minor roles. In 1983, Ken starred in The Prodigal as “Crusade Chairman.” In 1967, Ken turned into a producer. In 1971, Ken opted to finance the cinematic adaptation of Evelyn Anthony’s novel “The Tamarind Seed.” Ken zeroed in on Julie Andrews and Omar Sharif for the lead roles. In fact, it was Julie’s comeback film after taking a break for four years.

This movie is released on 7 November 1974 in the theaters to a positive reception. With a budget of 2 million American dollars, The Tamarind Seed was able to recover it by earning over $13 million at the Box-Office. It also got a Royal Command Performance as well. In 1977, he bought the rights to Ernest Hemingway’s Island in the Stream to make a film on the story. It is about Thomas Hudson who left his home to live a peaceful life in the Bahamas. Ken collaborated with Blake Edwards to make “Revenge of the Pink Panther.”

His production house shot some of the scenes in Hong Kong too. In 2006, Ken produced Amazing Grace which focused on the themes like slave trade and religion in the British Empire. As a matter of fact, Ken joined the likes of Terrence Malick, Patricia Heaton, and David Hunt to finance the historical drama. It featured Benedict Cumberbatch of Sherlock, Ioan Gruffudd, Romola Garai, and Albert Finney. Upon its release, critics and the audience liked the motion picture. Some said that the film is a fitting tribute to the bicentennial celebrations of a law which criminalized the slave trade.

Its release date coincided with that of the passage of the bill two hundred years ago. Amazing Grace won accolades such as Christopher Award, Humanitas Prize, and others. In an interview, Wales told that he wished to make a movie on Wilberforce’s involvement in the revolution. He also admitted that he prayed to God for a decent cast to achieve his dream. In addition to his wish, he also wanted British actors to be in the film too.

Baltasar Kormakur English Actor

Baltasar Kormakur

A celebrated film director, producer and actor, Baltasar Kormakur was born on 27 February 1966 in Reykjavik, Iceland. His father is the renowned Spanish painter Baltasar Samper, and his mother is Icelandic. He has a son named Baltasar Breki. Baltasar Kormakur speaks various languages including Icelandic, English, Danish and Spanish. He graduated from the Iceland’s National Academy of Fine Arts in 1990 as an actor.  Baltasar then worked as a young performing artist at the National Theatre of Iceland until the year of 1997. After writing several different projects, Kormakur got an international hit with the feature film, “101 Reykjavik”, in which he acted, directed and produced. The film scored the Discovery Award at the Toronto International Film Festival. In 2001, he was named as one of European films’ Shooting Stars by European Film Production. He was also selected as one of the “10 Directors to Watch,” along with Christopher Nolan, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu and others new to the industry.  Kormakur’s second film, “The Sea (Icelandic: Hafio)” was released in 2002 and received international acclamation. He won various awards for the movie including the 2002 Edda Awards for Best Film, Best Screenplay and Best Director.  Kormakur made a debut as an actor in the film ‘Devil’s Island’, a dark comedy directed by Friorik Por Frioriksson. He was set to direct a drama film ‘Rocketman’ along with Dagur Kari in the year 2011. His 2012 venture ‘The Deep’ was selected for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 85th Academy Awards under the category of Icelandic entry. His movie, ‘A Little Trip to Heaven’ won the FIPRESCI prize at the Goteborg Film Festival in the year 2006. Kormakur fetched the Crystal Globe award at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in the year 2007 along with Lilja Palmadottir (Producer) for the movie Myrin. For the same movie, Kormakur won the Grand Prize along with the producers of the movie at the Valenciennes International Festival of Action and Adventure Films.  The son of a prominent artist, Kormakur made a mark in the world of cinema with his outstanding talent and stunning performance. He is all set to produce the film, “The Oath”, a psychological thriller, along with Agnes Johansen under the RVK Studios banner. 


Lucas Akoskin

Lucas Akoskin was born on 25 April 1979 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is a Writer, Producer, and Actor in Hollywood. His Genres are Comedy and Drama. He is the King of Shorts and belongs from Los Angeles. He is best known for his movies and his girlfriend Leonor Varela. Lucas has been active in the industry from 1995. He spent most of his life around a camera. He worked on several Argentina TV shows in his early twenties. He moved to New York in 2001 to start writing his debut movie, The Doorman, which released in 2008. He is a writer and an actor in playing the character of Trevor W in the Wayne Price movie. The movie is the story of New York's glamorous lifestyle, where Trevor is a guide. He helps to separate the glamorous elites from the wannabees. He has access to the hottest spots in Miami and New York, showing his journey trying to find his real self. The movie got negative reviews saying that the humor is shallow, the film is a mess and the acting, not good. Lucas directed many promotional video spots for Flybook and Renova Black, an Italian laptop company. He also worked for a Portugal based products company. He went on to produce a short film series called Terra Shorts for the Terra Networks. A Latino filmmaker directed each film including Jorge Furtado, Gary Alazraki, and Andi Baiz. These got Oscar nominations and Lucas became the King Of Shorts. Jose Maria, Angie Cepeda and many more actors were a part of the cast. He produced many movies including The Automatic Hate in 2016 recently. As a producer, he got involved in Futbol Por La Vida, a very popular sporting event broadcasted live. He won Fundacion Huesped award for his work. Along with the Weinstein Company, he set up The Constantini Latin American Film Fund. He brought together Harvey Weinstein, the industry's key player, with Eduardo Constantini, an Argentine art connoisseur. These events helped in the partnership of the Film Fund. Lucas worked with Alex Garcia on the 150 million dollar production fund for the BN movies. It aimed to offer an annual slate of twelve to six movies. He got to work with top International filmmakers around the globe. Alex and Lucas also announced Katrina Wolfe as the company's President. He made The Heartbeat of the World along with Alex Garcia and Guillermo Arriaga. The series consists of four features on sex, substance use, religion, and politics. Jose Padilha and Emir Kusturica were also on board for the project. His best work as a Producer and actor are La Mujer de Hielo in 2008 and Nightingale in 2014. He was the co-executive producer in Nightingale starring David Oyelowo. Lucas got a nomination for Outstanding Made for Television Mode at the Primetime Emmy Award, though he didn't win the award. Lucas is also known for dating Leonor Varela, the famous Dallas actor. They came into a relationship in 2011. They had their first son Matteo in November 2012. In September 2014, they announced their second child. Though not married, they find it a blessing to have another child, this time, a daughter. It makes the perfect boy-girl family picture. They named her Luna Mae Akoskin. The name is a Spanish word meaning the Moon. Lucas will be seen soon as a producer in On The Milky Way and The Automatic Hate in 2016.

Lucas Akoskin English Actor