Paul Gross is an acclaimed Canadian actor who has worked in Canadian film, TV and theater. He is a prominent actor but has also produced and directed many movies. He was born and raised in Canada where most of his works are renowned. However, in India, he is known for co-producing the movie ' Speedy Singhs' (Hindi) with Akshay Kumar, the English version of which is named 'Breakaway'. Gross was born in Alberta, Canada on 30th April 1959 as the eldest of two brothers. His father was a Tank Commander in the Canadian Army. The family has not only lived in Canada, but also in the United States of America, Germany, England, etc. Gross first showed interest in acting while the family lived in the United States when he was only a teenager.

Gross’ first performance was on stage, for his school’s plays. Slowly he moved on to TV commercials, but the difference to his acting career was made when he decided to attend the University of Alberta to study acting. In his third year of University, Gross dropped out of acting school to pursue his career and took up roles in plays which ran in stages all over Canada cities like Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Alberta, Winnipeg, etc. Out of the 20 odd plays he’s been part of, some of the better-known ones are 'As You Like It', 'Walsh', 'The Kite', 'Romeo and Juliet', 'Hamlet', 'Private Lives', etc. Paul Goss’s first movie appearance was in 'Cold Comfort' which was released in 1989. He played one of the central characters in the film which won a Genie Award for Best adapted screenplay at the 1990 Genie Awards in Canada.

Gross' biggest success throughout his career in the industry has been 'Passchendaele' which premiered at the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival. Even though 'Passchendaele' was a commercial failure, Gross, who wrote, co-produced and directed the film was awarded the 2009 National Arts Centre Award for his achievements. In addition to 'Passchendaele', Gross is also known for his role in the Canadian crime series 'Due South', where he played the role of Constable Benton Fraser. He even wrote several episodes in the 4th and final season of the TV series. At that time, Gross was the highest earning actor in the Canadian television industry. Gross married his Walsh co-star Martha Burns in 1988. The couple currently live together in Toronto with their two children, Hannah and Jack. Although his isn’t a name that is globally known, Gross has been a huge inspiration in the Canadian film industry and his writing has gained much recognition. More than his professional accolades, Gross is described by friends, family, and well-wishers as a smart, honest and poised.  

Josh Helman English Actor

Josh Helman

Josh Helman is an Australian film as well as a television actor. He was born on 22nd February 1986 at Adelaide, in Australia. Josh started his career in 2007 where he had done an Australian TV show named as Home and Away. He played the role of a Denni Maitland. “All My Friends Are Leaving Behind” was his debut film in 2007. He appeared in a guest role. After this script, he got a chance to work in a short film “Aidan’s View”. He played the role of the intruder in this short film. “Mc Leod’s Daughters” was another TV series show, but he appeared only for the one episodes. Some year later, he got a chance to work in American TV show “The Pacific”. His journey lasts only for six months. After this, he signed with The ‘Gersh Agency’ which is an American talent agency. Josh continued his journey in the film. “The Animal Kingdom” was his release in the year 2010 and, he played the role of the ‘Peter Simmons’. He got a kick start up when he worked in “Jack Reacher” as a Jeb Oliver with ‘Tom Cruise’. It was released in the year 2012. Josh returned to Australia and worked in an Australian rule of football script. The name of the movie was “Blinder” and he played the role of ‘Morts’. He has successfully given the performance as a co-star with “X-Men: Days of Future Past” and Marvel comics as well. He came in discussion because of his role in “X-Men: Days of Future Past” as a ‘William Stryker’ in 2014. Josh played in the sequel of “Mad Max: Fury Road” in the year 2015 starring ‘Tom Hardy’. It was also the mile stone for the career of the Josh Helman. “X-Men: Apocalypse” is another hit film for him in 2016. In the coming year, you will see Josh Helman in the movie “My Name Is Lenny”. We hope he will give the stunning performance here as well. “Flesh andBone” is the television serial in which Josh had acted in the year 2015. Last year, he got a big jackpot and, got the main lead in the series of the “Wayward Pines” Season 2. He performed with the ‘Kacey Rohl’, ‘Jason Patric’, ‘M. Night Shyamalan’, and ‘Jason Patric’. Josh Helman does not reveal much about his personal life. This 30-year-old boy is assumed to have a girl friend named as ‘Jennifer Allcott’. But, no one has confirmed this news. He has received the good response from the audience. Josh is a hardworking, newly emerging talent and has captured the attention of many people because of his skills. Hope he will continue his growth in the upcoming years as well.


Matt Zemlin

Matt Zemlin is an actor, pianist, producer, director, musician and a former manager from Europe .Matthew "Matt" Zemlin was born on 11th September 1980 in Hamburg, Germany. His birth name is Matthias Zemlin. 1.96m tall Matt’s father is Scandinavian-Irish and his mother is French-German. He’s a mix of (Scandinavian/French/Italian/Polish-Prussian). Matt got married to Maryam Zemlin on 8th May 2009 and got divorced on 27th July 2010. Matt went to a classical school named Christianeum where he discovered his music and acting skills along with sports. He has been acting since his childhood. His first movie was Bol and he’s currently in a series called American Idol. He has worked through movies Killers(2010), She Wants Me(2012), King of the Underground(2011), Citizen Soldiers, Bad hero(2010), Evocator(2009), The opening(2009), The new bike(2009), The Sky Has Fallen(2009), and has performed as a TV actor in Einsatz in Hamburg (2000). He always took his acting quite seriously; he had his first theater performance in Hamburg and Canterbury, Kent. Later he came to Los Angeles and attended The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute on a scholarship where he graduated and continued his film acting career. Matt as a director and producer, produced and directed many movies which includes some Hindi movies too, the European production Dirty Money (acting as a bartender, 2013) and Bollywood productions such as Wanted (2009), Aakrosh (2010), Dabangg (2010) and Rockstar (2011). Matt also is a composer, his compositions are from Jazz, Classical and romantic music, soul and similar genres. He has also created electronic music such as Dance All Night (2013) which became very popular among Europe and Asia. Matt has been nominated in the Jury award, CIFF award and Audience Award in the year of 2011. Apart from his acting career he has a BA (Hons) degree from London and then he was a Deputy CEO of a health care company. Later he gave up his management job and devoted his full time in acting. He gave his first public piano performance in California while devoting his time to his acting classes under some of the most prestigious coaches like Catherine Carlen.

Matt Zemlin English Actor