His Date of birth is December11, 1978and his Height is 5' 8½" (1.74 m) His Eye color is blue-grey. His hairs color is blond. His Star sign is Sagittarius, and Mother’s tongue is German. He knowsforeign languages are English (fluent), Turkish (GK) and French (GK).His Living opportunities are Stuttgart, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, and Vienna.

He likes to play Sport are Boxing, kickboxing(black belt), taekwondo(black belt), athletics, extreme sport, snowboarding, alpine skiing, riding, cross-fit, climbing.His Special features are sword fighting, self-defense, fitness trainer license. He knows Dance also like Salsa, standard, street dance. His social media accounts are Instagram//@markus_ertelt,Facebook//Markus Ertelt,Twitter//@MarkusErtelt Markus Ertelt was born in December 15, 1978 in Stuttgart, and he is a German actor and an athlete.

He is an obstacle runner and having a very goof physique. He has taken his actor training from the Academy of Performing Arts in Ulm. As his starting career, he played many supporting roles in television productions such as der bergdoktor, unteruns, unserCharly, and many more. He also had isolated appearances in commercials.

He is known for his totort (1970), shivaay (2016), and For Folk man (1989). He also worked with Indian cinema with Indian actor ajay devgan in movie shivaay (2016). In shivaay he played a role of supporting actor. On the other hand he also has interest in many events. Markus Ertelt is the organizer of getting tough-The race. He himself takes part in OCR events like World Toughest Mudder. In 2017 he achieved 1st place in team ranking there; in 2018, he was season winner at Showdown-The desert challenge.