Nathaniel Marvin Wolff popularly known as Nat Wolff is an actor and musician as well. He was born on 17 December 1994 in America. He is 21 years now and has achieved a lot for his age. He deals with the indie, pop and rock genres of music. He runs his band and is associated with many other popular bands. He gained the popularity for music composition of Nickelodeon comedy series (kids channel), it was produced by his mother, Polly Draper.

Nat Wolff's dad also was a part of the music composition as a jazz pianist and co-produced the series and the soundtrack as well. The band which Nat Wolff owned at Nickelodeon was "The Naked Brothers Band". His soundtrack often ranked high for its popularity, and the top list includes some of his songs like "Billboard 200" and "Don't want to go to school" which were released in 2008. Nat Wolff has his entire family committed and inclined towards music. Nat and his younger brother Alex together brought up a music duo called "Nat & Alex Wolff Alex Wolff is an American singer, songwriter, guit >> Read More... Alex Wolff ," together they released the album called "Black sheep" in the year 2011. Nat Wolff also made his appearances in many theatrical play and films such as "The Fault in Our Stars", which was released in 2012 and a comedy role in the play called " Paper Towns Click to look into! >> Read More... Paper Towns " which was released in 2015.

Nat Wolff had a connection with social activists as his maternal granddad who was civic leader named William Henry Draper 3. So this means Nat Wolff a distinct relative of Tim Draper and William Henry Draper who are into acting field and in banking sector respectively. Nat Wolff hails from a Jewish and Christian background concerning to the religion of his father and mother respectively. But he is known to have been raised in a culturally Jewish background.