Gary Busey English Actor

Rated as one of the top American actors, Gary Busey has played several different roles in many movies. He was born in Goose Creek, Texas on June 29th, 1944. People have watched him on screen over 150 films. Being the son of a design construction manager, Busey never had a film background. He was brought up in Texas and graduated from Nathan Hale High school, Tulsa in the year 1962. He pursued his bachelor's in Pittsburg State University with a football scholarship. He was an amazing football player. This is when his attention was drawn towards acting. He quit school just one day before graduation in Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Initially, Gary was a drummer and he began his show business career with The rubber band. He has appeared on a number of recordings with many well-known artists as a drummer. He began his acting career by being a cast member on a local television show in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Until 1974 he continues to play several small roles on television and in movies. His supporting role in "Thunderbolt and Lightfoot" was his major debut as an actor. Since then he was hired by the most amazing directors and producers to play a role in their movies for his unquestionable acting skills. "The Buddy Holly story" won him the academy award in which he played a rock legend. He was also nominated for Best Actor in spite of the criticism he received. He also won the best actor award from National Society of Film Critics. Lethal Weapon, Predator 2, Carried away, Black Sheep are few of his major hit movies. He is also an actor turned singer. In late 1990's he appeared on "Late show with David Letterman".

In early 2000's Gary starred on a comedy central show named as "I'm with Busey" which gained him immense popularity. He is married to Judy Helkenberg whom he divorced later on and the couple had a son named William in 1971. He also has a daughter named Electra and another son named Luke from other relationships. Gary had a major accident in 1998 and his skull was fractured. This had a huge impact on him and he realized that his brains were damaged as well reducing his mind filters. He also underwent a surgery to remove the golf-ball-sized cancerous tumour from him sinus cavity after which he underwent a radiation therapy. In 1996, he announced that he was a Christian.