An independent film prowess that transcended from psychology, criminology and computer science as a student. He’s famous in his real-life-killer “Dahmer” and multi-faceted rendition of character in his acts. Born as Jeremy Lee Renner January 7th 1971 in Modesto, California – United States. Made his breakthrough in the 1995 movie “National Lampoon’s Senior Trip” in 1995. This was right away followed by the movie “Paper Dragons” in 1996, starred in the 2001 movie “Fish in a Barrel”, and his notorious 2002 movie “Dahmer’ , and made in the same year the movie “Monkey Love.” He also starred as Brian Gamble in the 2003 movie “S.W.A.R.” alongside Samuel L. Jackson. He also emerged as Emerson in the 2004 movie “The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things”, followed by 2005 movie called “A Little Trip.”

A story of a woman who suffered from abuses while working as a miner and filed a case and won it in 1984 alongside Charlice Theron in the movie “North Country.” She also starred in the movie “12 and Holding” as Gus Maitland – a story of twin brothers and one is accidentally killed by bullies and faces the realities of death and family problems. He starred in the 2005 movie “Neo Ned” as a young boy that idolizes his father. He also played the role Chick Prigusivac in the 2006 movie “Love Comes to the Executioner.” He also starred in the movie “The Assassination of Jesse James” in 2007. He made a suspense movie called “ 28 Weeks Later” as Sergeant Doyle, a US Army that helps the Britain after the rage virus spread over the country, they tried to repopulate and make the place inhabitable, unfortunately the virus spread again. He also starred in the movie “Take” as Saul, played the character Sergeant FC James set to Iraq War, assigned to army bomb squad and always questioned by the way he leads his group in the 2008 blockbuster hit “ The Hurt Locker.” He also played the character Sam in the 2009 movie “Ingenious.”

He also planned to heist a bank and tries to weight his feelings with a bank manager and will have to properly execute it while an FBI agent is waiting to catch him in the 2010 movie “ The Town.” He also played the role “Hawkeye” in the movie “ Thor” with Chris Hemsworth. He also worked with Tom Cruise for the movie “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.” As Ethan’s group was implicated in bombing of Kremlin, Ethan took his group to clear their name. He also appeared as Hawkeye in the box office juggernaut “ The Avengers.” A group of the mightiest heroes come together to defend Earth from the dark plans of Loki to enslave humanity. He preceded Matt Damon in the movie “ The Bourne Legacy” in 2012 as Aaron Cross. He also starred in action-horror movie called “Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters.” As Hansel, he works with his sister to hunt down medieval witches and to free a town. He also starred magician in the 2013 movie “The Immigrant.” He made another movie in 2013 called “ American Hustle.” He played the character Gary Wenn in the 2014 movie “ Kill the Messenger”, followed by the continuation of the onslaught “Avengers: Age of Ultron” in 2015 and as William Brandt in the 2015 movie “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation.”

Samuel L. Jackson English Actor

Samuel L. Jackson

“And you’ll know my name is the law when I lay my fingers upon thee…” Ezekiel 25:17 His famous script that gave viewers shivers taken out from the Bible in the movie “Pulp Fiction.” He is a well-known civil Civil Rights activist made an indelible mark in Hollywood and keeps his nose in the ground and made his career blooming. Born as Samuel Leroy Jackson on December 21st 1948 in Washington, D.C., U.S. He first appeared as extra in the movies of biggest stars in his early careers. He started in 1972 in “Together for Days” as Stan, showed up in the 1981 movie “Ragtime”, followed in 1987 movie “Magic Sticks”, and made his crazy act as a hold-up man in Eddie Murphy movie “Coming to America” in 1988.This continuously grow as he made multiple appearances in different movies in the late 1980’s. He made his breakthrough career in the 1990 movie “Goodfellas” alongside Robert DeNiro. He made the major role in the 1991 movie “Jungle Fever”, followed by their own precious movie “Pulp Fiction” as 2 mob-hit men, fighter, a gangster’s wife and diner thugs entangled in four tales of violence and redemption. Alongside John Travolta, Bruce Willis and Uma Thurman. He also starred in the 1993 movie “Jurassic Park”, and in the same year showed in “True Romance.” He also played a wonderful team-up with Bruce Willis in the movie “Die Hard: With a Vengeance” in 1995. A story of John McClane and a store owner, eyed by German terrorist where he plan to rob a Federal Reserved Building. He also starred in the movie “Trees Lounge” in 1996 followed by his “Jackie Brown” in 1997; a story of a flight attendant (Bridget Fonda) as a key to the plot between the police and illegal arms dealer. He also starred in the 1998 movie “Out of Sight.” He played the role of honest cop hostage negotiator Lt. Danny Roman that got set up for the murder of his best friend and took upon his hands to clean this mess in taking cops as his hostages, and requested to only talk to Chris Sabian (Kevin Spacey) in the 1998 movie “The Negotiator.” He made a fantastic role in the movie “The Red Violin” and the movie “Shaft.” He made another refreshing role as Colonel Childers accused of murdering his subordinates for not following rules of engagement and defended by Colonel Hodges (Tommy Lee Jones) in the 2000 movie “Rules of Engagement.”He also starred in the 2000 movie “Unbreakable” as a man learns something from his devastating accident alongside Bruce Willis, followed by his team-up with Vin Diesel in the movie “xXx” in 2002, and made a jam-packed movie “S.W.A.T” in 2003. He also made voice talent in the animated movie “The Incredibles” in 2004, worked with Uma Thurman in the movie “Kill Bill: Vol. 2” in the same year, appeared in the 2006 movie “Snakes on Plane”, and made his challenging role in the movie “Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith” with Natalie Portman and Ewan McGregor. He made a first appearance as Nick Fury in the movie “Iron Man” in 2008, also starred in the movie “Jumper”, and the 2010 movie “The Other Guys.”He also gathered and nurtured the mightiest heroes to fight Loki in the movie “The Avengers” in 2012 and also starred in the 2011 movie “Captain America: The First Avenger.” He also starred in the 2012 movie called “Django Unchained”, played the role Whiplash in the 2013 movie “Turbo”, and made movies in 2014 called “Robocop” as Patrick Novak and “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” He made his latest role as Richmonde Valentine that plans to organize a mind-control system using his free-sim cards in the 2015 movie “Kingsman: The Secret Service” alongside Michael Caine, Colin Firth and Taron Egerton.


Philip Seymour Hoffman

This man is one of the best actor and known for his sincere depiction as antagonist in any movie or the hero in a film. He was born as Philip Seymour Hoffman, born on July 23rd 1967 in Fairport, New York – United States. He started building his career in the 1991 movie “Triple Bogey on a Par Five Hole.”  This was right away followed in four movie appearances including “Szuler”, played the role Chris in the movie “My New Gun”, starred in the movie “Leap of Faith” as Matt, and alongside Al Pacino and Chris O’Donnell in the critically acclaimed movie “Scent of A Woman” as George Willis Jr. This is a story of group of friends that humiliated the school principal and set to public investigation. Sims (O’Donnel) was wrongfully accused to be a liar in whom he is not totally included in the plans of George’s. He accompanied the tormented and blind retired combat Lt. Colonel Slade to New  York for his last “Hurrah!” Slade learned a lot of things from Sims in their travel and made him feel like a good companion and son to him. Colonel Slade unprecedented defended Sims and made his “Pearl of Wisdoms” in their public hearing at the hall where he faced the principal, the jury, and the Willis Sr. and Jr. acquitting Sims from all charges. He made wonderful performances in his movies from 1993 up to 1998. He played the role Mitch Roman as Patch Adam’s greatest rival in the biographical – drama “Patch Adams” with Robin Williams. Mitch is at first in search of proper explanation why Patch is continuously using “laughter as best medicine.” At the end he became one of Patch’s loyal friends. This story freshen your heart by exploiting the story of a medical student that defied all rules in centuries of medicine. Unfortunately his girlfriend was murdered by one of their unknown psychopath patient.He also starred in the 1999 movie “Flawless” with Robert DeNiro. A story of a conservative police that suffered from a stroke and went for rehabilitation. He also starred in the movie “Magnolia” as Phil Parma with Tom Cruise and Julianne Moore. He made numerous films and until 2002, she made another performance in the movie “Love Liza” as Wilson Joel. A story of a web designer that turns the gasoline fumes and remote-control airplanes to avoid his feud with his mother-in-law after his wife committed suicide. He also starred in the movie “Capote” in 2005 – a writer that exploited the story of a murder of family in Kansas City and made close encounter with real perpetrator. He also starred in the juggernaut movie “Mission: Impossible III” alongside Tom Cruise. He played the role as Owen Davian as the leader and arms dealer. Ethan (Cruise) kidnapped and copied his face and set a Lamborghini to explosion. In the climax, Ethan found that Davian is a dangerous black market lord winding up to their explosive battle. He also starred as Jon Savage in the 2007 movie “The Savages” and “Charlie Wilson’s War” with Tom Hanks. He also starred in the 2008 movie “Doubt” with Meryl Streep as the story of Father Brendan Flynn being questioned with his ambiguous relation with a troubled student. He also starred in the 2010 movie “jack Goes Boating” as Jack, executive producer and director. He also played with Brad Pitt in the movie “Moneyball” in 2011. He also worked with Joaquin Phoenix in the movie “The Master.” A story of a veteran navy that falls in love with a leader of “The Cause” after arriving from war. He also starred as Plutarch Heavensbee in the 2013 movie “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.” He also worked with Rachel McAdams in the 2014 movie “A Most Wanted Man.” A story of a Muslim that illegally swifted immigration to Hamburg caught up with international war and terrorism. He also made continuous role in the movies “The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay – Part 1 and Part – 2.”

Philip Seymour Hoffman English Actor