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Ed Helms was born on 24th January 1974 in Georgia, United States. He is an American citizen who is active in the Hollywood film industry right from the year 2002 until the present. He is known for his stand-up comedy in movies, and he also featured in the Television serials. He is regarded for his characters in the projects like The Daily Show, The Hangover Trilogy, and The Office Story Coming Soon >> Read More...

Ed won the hearts of the audiences, and he got huge fan followers. He is known for his comical roles in movies, and he proved his caliber in the project The Vacation. He always does roles that are innovative and something compelling to make a commendable magic. 

Ed pursued Bachelor’s degree in the stream of Fine Arts, and he graduated from the Knox College. He started his career as a stand-up comedian in the stage shows. This brought him huge laurels, and he made a mark. He then switched over to the Television drama series projects. 

Ed is a stunning star when it comes to acting, and he acted really brilliant in all the movies. The Daily show project of Ed Helms happened out to be a big hit. This movie made him even famous, and he got a good recognition about acting for the movie. 

Ed acted in about thirty movies, and all are back to back hits. His fame went to a new dimension, and when it comes to the Television shows, he has a broad range of projects. He won an award of his outstanding performance in The Office project.


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