She is known to be one of the most charismatic and evangelic faces in Hollywood. One of the most desired women of all time. Born as Gwyneth Kate Paltrow on September 27, 1972 in Los Angeles, California. Made her way to stardom by starring in the movie “High”, followed after 2 years in the movie “Shout”, played the young Wendy Darling for with Peter Pan as one of the best story in the history “Hook”, and continuously landed roles in movies. Along with her notable movies were “Flesh and Bone”, “Seven” a story of a rookie detective nurtured by an old time detective that will try to resolve a mind twisting case of seven deadly sins and at the end having his wife to be the final victim starring , and Kevin Spacey Kevin Spacey is a film writer, producer and direct >> Read More... Kevin Spacey . Starred also in the great adaptation of the movie “ Great Expectations Click to look into! >> Read More... Great Expectations ” a classic story of childhood sweethearts as they meet again as adults.

She also starred in the movie “Shakespeare in Love”, this time the writer will fall in love with an actress in their stage play for his beloved novel. She also starred in the comedy yet fruitful movie “Shallow Hal” alongside Jack Black Jack Black whose full name is Thomas Jacob Black w >> Read More... Jack Black , a story of a man that always looks after the physical appearance of women, he receives a lesson when he can see fat woman as sexy and vice versa. She also starred in the movie “Possession” in 2002, starred for the movie “Sylvia”, as Polly for the movie “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow”, until 2008, she made her iconic role as the infamous Pepper Pots in the movie “Iron Man Series and Avengers.” As Pots she started as stay in all around executive secretary that secretly hides her feelings for his boss a womanizer named Tony Stark alter ego Iron Man.

She also starred in the movie “ Contagion Click to look into! >> Read More... Contagion ” as Beth Emhoff, as Phoebe for the movie “Thanks for Sharing”, and as Johanna for the movie “ Mortdecai Click to look into! >> Read More... Mortdecai ”, a story of couple that his husband will try to conceal and will find the stolen painting that contains locations for the missing Nazi gold, starring and Ewan McGregor.