Jason Momoa was born on August 1, 1979. His original name is Joseph Jason Momoa. He is famous for his television acting as an actor. He was the only child to his parents named Coni Joseph Momoa. He did his degree in marine biology in Florida Keys. Later he changed his major degree to wildlife biology at Colorado University. He has not received any degree as he discontinued there before completing his studies. Momoa took up pastel painting in Paris. He started his modeling career by the year 1998.He won Hawaii's model for the year 1999 and hosted the contest.

He started his career in an action drama named series Baywatch Hawaii. Apart from this, he has also acted in numerous episodes of a comedy drama series The Game. By the year 2014 he started his new career role as a director and co-writer for the film named Road to Paloma which was an american drama thriller film.

In the year 2014 ,he started his dark comedy thriller named Indie Sugar Mountain. At the year 2014, he started his new cast role named Aquaman for the film named Batman vs Superman:Dawn of Justice. His role for the film is confirmed by the year 2014 October.

He started his personal life with the actress named Lisa Bonet.They had one daughter and a son. From the whole that Momoa had started his film life, from the year 2004 there after he was starred for about nearly 15 films. Apart from films he has also acted in several TV series from the year 1999.

Dean Cain English Actor

Dean Cain

Dean Cain was born in Mount Clemens. His parents where actress Sharon Thomas Cain and Roger Tanaka.Later his mother married Christopher Cain, when Cain was three years old. He was brought up under the guidance and control of Christopher Cain. During his young age his career favoured towards playing professional football rather than acting. At Princeton he completed his major in history and submitted his thesis and become a degree holder. Dean became famous after his role as Superman in the TV series. Although he has acted in several TV, series he has became famous after his series The Adventure of Superman. Cain in his personal life is engaged to singer Mindy McCready. They had a son, he named his son on remembrance of his stepfather Christopher Cain. Cain started his first film Elmer in the year 1976.After that he had acted in several films. In 2001, he started his new role as a producer for the film named Firetrap. In the same year, he did his voice role. In the year 2003, he released his first short film named Grandpa's Place in the  memory of his stepfather. In the year 2010, he joined his hands with his father as a co-writer for the film named Pure Country 2:The Gift. In the year 2015 he directed  a video named The Dog, Who Saved Summer. Till 2015, he had  nearly produced 70 films. Apart from producing and acting in films, he had acted in several TV series, miniseries and movies. Apart from this he had also acted in video game named Grandia Xtreme in the year 2002.