Geoffrey Rush English Actor
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    - Movie-Actor

He first appeared in TV Series “Consumer Capers” from 1979 to 1981 but he made his first debut film in 1981 as “Detective 1” in the movie “Hoodwink.” This is a story of an imprisoned bank robber and made his decision to escape from his cell. He made another appearance in the 1982 movie “Starstruck.” The story evolves with a young girl dreaming to become a famous star to save their family business. Here Rush appeared as the stage manager. He made another movie called “Twelfth Night” in 1987. He made a recess and came back through his breaking performance in the 1996 movie “Shine.” He played the role David Helfgott a musician. He dreamed to become successful musician and afraid of failing his father. For this, he suffered mental disorders that placed him to a hospital. He received multiple awards including Academy Awards, BAFTA, Golden Globe for Best Actor and more. He also starred in the movie adaption of Victor Hugo’s “ Les Miserables Click to look into! >> Read More... Les Miserables ” in 1998 as Inspector Javert. He also starred in his perfect Best Supporting Actor award as Sir Francis Walsingham in the movie “ Elizabeth Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Elizabeth .” A historic-bio film of Queen Elizabeth I in the golden ages of England as she struggles to fight that Elizabeth doesn’t need a man to become a true queen. Sir Francis supported her all the way through her conquest. He made a good contribution for the movie “Shakespeare in Love” in 1998 as Philip Henslowe.

In 1999 Rush made a horror film with Famke Janssen She is known to be one of the most desirable femal >> Read More... Famke Janssen in the movie “House on Haunted Hill.” As the amusement park mogul – Steven Price Steven Price was born on 22nd April 1977. He is a >> Read More... Steven Price (Rush) rented the house for the birthday party of his wife - Evelyn (Janssen). Price offered $1,000,000 for each person who will survive until morning. As the locks and steel frames for doors and windows tripped, unknowingly they’re entrapped in a total haunted blood bath. Rush made another notable depiction in the movie “Quills” as Marquis de Sade a man incarcerated – confined in to asylum and wrote articles as Kate Winslet’s character smuggles it from the asylum.

You’ll explode in Rush’s well-spoken strategic thinker character “Captain Hector Barbosa” in the franchise movies “Pirates of the Caribbean” as he pretends a perfect gentleman yet a soulful deceiver.  Often questioned and compared who’s on the top, if Captain Sparrow or Captain Barbosa? Infuriating conflict between them, Barbosa is purely one-step ahead from everyone, far away from Sparrow’s behavior and eccentric mannerisms. Sparrow is always risky in improvising decision and ending up successfully with the cliché “Bugs Bunny Pose”. Not many people know that Barbosa can be considered the extension of Jack Sparrow’s character. Sparrow is known to be witty and Barbosa is known to be serious. Nonetheless they both possess great skills. Without Barbosa, the honorific-infamous Captain Jack Sparrow will not be justified. He gave his enormous performance in bringing into silver screen “The Life and Death of Peter Sellers” in 2004.

Getting the award Best Supporting Actor is not good enough for others. For Rush, he defied that having this award is more than anything as Best Actor. As therapist for speech and language Lionel Logue (Rush) helped King George VI to coup up with his illness – “stammer.” This is a true to life and historic movie. As King George suffers from speech problems and disorders, the World War II World War II is a Malayalam information TV show on >> Read More... World War II broke up and England needs the king to make inspiring speech, unfortunately he can’t. Lionel successfully made it, even desecrating the “King’s Chair” by sitting in to it to make the impossible to happen. This is one of the greatest speeches made and delivered through air aside from Roosevelt’s “Infamy Speech” which both changed the course of World History.

He is Geoffrey Roy Rush AC, born in Queensland – Australia on July 6th 1951. Married to Jane Menelaus on 1988 with 2 children. An Alumnus of Everton Park State High School and University of Queensland.