Ten Spellbinding Plot Twists In Hollywood Movies

Ten Spellbinding Plot Twists In Hollywood Movies English Article

Every movie buff is a fan of plot twists.  Some movies go to great extents to build up the suspense and shock the living hell out of the audience. Some of these plot twists are pretty predictable while some are totally unpredictable and sometimes don’t even make any sense! Nevertheless, they manage to drop jaws and cause people to choke.

Plot twists are critical to movies as people tend to keep talking about them afterward and sometimes even exaggerate its effect on them. 

Here are ten of my favorite movies with amazing plot twists. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, then read it at your will!


1. Orphan 

Plot twist: Turns out that the orphan is not a child at all! She happens to be a 33-year-old psychopath who resorts to killing anyone in her way. 

2. Fight Club


Plot twist: Edward Norton’s narrator and Tyler Durden is the same person, with a split personality. Tyler Durden was a figment of Norton’s imagination. In the end, it is shown that he has been fighting with himself all along.

3. Shutter Island Click to look into! >> Read More... Shutter Island


Plot twist: Leonardo DiCaprio’s character is a patient himself at the Mental Health Facility on the island while all along it is portrayed that he is an investigator who is prying about a murderess who escaped the prison. Everyone else was just playing along to his maniac!

4.  Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Plot twist: Vader didn’t kill Luke’s father, he is Luke’s father!!


5. The Sixth Sense

Plot twist: The child psychiatrist, Dr. Malcolm Crowe who is counseling his patient, a boy Cole who can “see dead people”, turns out to be a ghost in the end!


6.   Citizen Kane 

Plot twist: At the beginning of the movie, the protagonist dies and utters the word “Rosebud”. A journalist attempts to discover what the word means when in the end we discover that Rosebud is not a person or a place, but Kane’s childhood sled! 


7.  The Usual Suspects 



Plot twist: Keyser Soze is Verbal Kint himself! By the time anyone figured out what was going on, he shakes off his fake limp and walks away to freedom. 

8. The Prestige Click to look into! >> Read More... The Prestige

 Plot twist: Angier and Borden are magicians who share enmity. "The Transported Man" is a trick created by Angier along with his friend. Here, Angier exits from another cabinet immediately after entering into one. This machine is supposed to be a cloning instrument. This is one of the twists of the movie. Borden is said to have killed Angier in the film. And the second twist of the movie is this...Borden turned out to have a twin brother!

9.  L.A Confidential

Plot twist: L A Confidential, which is a film of robbers and police, features three detectives who are handling a homicide case. At the most unexpected moment, Dudley Smith shoots Jack Vincennes, thus making it clear that he is the movie’s antagonist. Though this twist is predictable, it shocked us with its execution. 

10.  Seven 

Plot twist: This is one of the very few movies with dissatisfying endings. One of the twists in the movie is that Doe asks Mills to shoot him for envying someone else’s wife. Mills shoots John Doe, hence proving that the baddie turned victorious.