Top 10 Must Watch Mind Bending Movies

Top 10 Must Watch Mind Bending Movies English Article

1. ‘Donnie Darko’

Donnie Darko, the main protagonist, suffers from sleepwalking and has visions of a black rabbit named Frank. Frank in a way controls Darko and tricks him into committing crimes. Frank also tells him that the world is going to end. You need to watch this movie at least twice to understand its complicated story.


2. ‘ Oldboy Click to look into! >> Read More... Oldboy

Dae-Su, the main protagonist of the movie, is kidnapped and is locked up in prison for 15 years. After years of suicide attempts and isolation, Dae-Su wakes up from an induced coma in a place where he was kidnapped. The film has a twisted plot that turns into an outcome which is dark. The audience needs to watch this movie keenly to understand it.


3. ‘Identity’


Different and strange circumstances bring eleven people to a motel in Nevada. These eleven people who have never met each other are stuck at a motel on a rainy night. Soon people start dying, and no one knows who the murderer is. Identity is the best psychological thriller and has a twisted plot with many turns.

4. ‘The Number 23’


The movie is about Walter and the circumstances that fill his life with paranoia. After reading a novel Walter finds similarities between him and the protagonist of the novel, and he also becomes obsessed with the number 23. The movie is very well written and it will blow your mind.

5. ‘Cube’


It is a science fiction thriller about six people with different professions. All six people are forcefully kept in an endless maze. It could be categorised as a disturbing film.


6. ‘The Matrix’


The story of The Matrix is about a man who has two lives. In the real world, he is a computer programmer and in a simulated world called The Matrix he is a hacker named Neo which is an anagram for one. The movie raises deep discussions among the people who see it. The movie is based on philosophy and action.

7. ‘Fight Club’

The movie is about a guy who has nothing great going in his life. He is an insomniac and bored of his life. He meets a soap maker, Tyler Durden, and they end up starting a Fight Club that runs at night. Fight Club has an unexpected ending which shocked the audiences.

8. ‘ Memento Click to look into! >> Read More... Memento

The movie is about a man named Leonard Shelby, who suffers from short-term memory loss. He finds an odd-system to find his wife’s murderer. The way in which the movie is made is very different than what viewers are used to watching.

9. ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’

This movie is way ahead of its time. It is about astronauts who are trapped inside a space shuttle by an Artificial Intelligence named HAL. It has a beautiful and though provoking story.

10. ‘ Inception Click to look into! >> Read More... Inception

The movie is about a criminal who with a team of sleep experts enters a person’s dream and steal things which are important to that person. Inception is a complex film. It takes a very keen watching to understand what is going on the movie. The movie is beautifully written and directed.