Top 10 Hollywood Suspense Thrillers

Top 10 Hollywood Suspense Thrillers English Article


Two detectives, one about to retire ( Morgan Freeman) and the other a short-tempered rookie ( Brad Pitt) get assigned to the case of a serial killer who is killing people according to the seven deadly sins. Each body that they find has the sin written somewhere in the crime scene creating a pattern.

Shutter Island:

U.S. Marshals Teddy ( Leonardo DiCaprio) and Chuck ( Mark Ruffalo) go to an asylum to probe into the mysterious disappearance of a patient, soon Teddy discovers some disturbing things about the institute making solving the case the only way out.

Fight Club:

Based on a novel by Chuck Palahniuk, the story revolves around an unnamed Narrator ( Edward Norton) who is unhappy with his white collar job and suffers from insomnia and Tyler (Brad Pitt), a sales executive. Both together form a fight club for men to have fun. Soon when one of their members gets killed and on Tyler’s disappearance the project gets shut down. In an attempt to find Tyler he discovers something that changes his world entirely.


Dom (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Arthur ( Joseph Gordon Levitt) are “extractors” who steal information by using an experimental technology by which they infiltrate the subconscious minds of the target and extract the required information. Their next customer comes with a deal that Dom can’t resist, and he soon builds his team. They get on a 10-hour flight which gives them time to get the task done. But all the mayhem that goes down when the plan fails and the plot twist, in the end, keeps you on your feet.

Mystic River:

After a childhood trauma that changes the life of three friends, leaving them questioning and regretting that everyday. They reunite after 25 years upon the murder of Jimmy’s ( Sean Penn) daughter with Sean ( Kevin Bacon) as the detective assigned to the case. Dave ( Tim Robbins) soon becoming the prime suspect. The movie will mess up your head and get you wondering who the actually killer is and in the end when it’s all revealed it hits you right in the feels.

The Sixth Sense:

In this movie, Bruce Willis plays the role of a troubled child psychologist Malcolm Crowe who tries to help Cole Sear a nine-year old who can see ghosts, who walk around the living not realising that they are dead. With the help of Crowe’s guidance Cole tries to help these trapped soles and accept his gift.

Gone Girl:

Ever wondered what is going on in the mind of your better half; well this movie would certainly be a bad idea for a first date however it’s one of the best thrillers that could leave you dumbfounded. With the mysteries disappearance of his wife Amy ( Rosamund Pike), Nick ( Ben Affleck) becomes the prime suspect with all evidence proving him to be the one behind it all. Soon everyone believes that he is a sociopath due to the excessive media coverage. However, Amy is alive and planned the whole thing.

Black Swan:

Nina ( Natalie Portman), a committed ballet dancer is determined to play the role of White Swan for the opening. Everything goes as planned until Lily ( Mila Kunis) a new comer starts becoming a rival which sparks something in Nina resulting in hallucinations and eventually hurting herself. The movie shows how the pressure of achieving something drives people to the extent that they soon lose themselves.


When his daughter is abducted by sex traffickers in Paris ex-CIA agent Bryn Mills ( Liam Neeson) stops at nothing to track them down. The tagline of the movie says it all “They took his daughter. He’ll take their lives.” From car chases and fight scenes the picture has it all. One of Liam Neeson’s best works following the sequels as well.


A rescue mission could have never been planned better or well executed.Based on a true story of how six American embassy officials are rescued by CIA agent Tony Mendez (Ben Affleck) by entering Tehran under the pretence of being the producer for a movie called Argo and was just looking for shooting locations. He soon gets in touch with them and even though they face glitches in the plan, in the end, all goes well, and they all get home safe and sound.