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Asteroid City is an English movie released in 2023. Wes Anderson is the director. Steven Rales, Jeremy Dawson, and Wes Anderson are the producers. Robert D. Yeo

Asteroid City Movie Review

Asteroid City Movie Review English Movie Review
Written by Vartika Gautam
Review for the film " Asteroid City"
Runtime: 1 hr 44 mins
Certificate: A
Released: 25-08-2023
Genre: Comedy, Romance
4 / 5.0

Asteroid City is an English movie released in 2023. Wes Anderson Wes Anderson (Wesley Wales Anderson) is an America >> Read More... Wes Anderson is the director. Steven Rales, Jeremy Dawson, and Wes Anderson are the producers. Robert D. Yeoman is the cinematographer, and Barney Pilling is the editor. The music is by Alexandre Desplat.

Jason Schwartzman Jason Francesco Schwartzman was born on 26 June 19 >> Read More... Jason Schwartzman , , Jeffrey Wright Jeffrey Wright is an film actor. Jeffrey was born >> Read More... Jeffrey Wright , Bryan Cranston Ostentatiously known for his anti-hero role of Wal >> Read More... Bryan Cranston , , Hope Davis, Rupert Friend The famous Hollywood actor Rupert Friend was born >> Read More... Rupert Friend , Adrien Brody Adrien Brody was born in a place called Woodhaven >> Read More... Adrien Brody , Tilda Swinton Born in the UK to Judith Balfour and John Swinton, >> Read More... Tilda Swinton , Maya Hawke, Matt Dillon Matt Dillon is one of the most well-known teen ido >> Read More... Matt Dillon , Hong Chau, and Jake Ryan are the film’s cast.


Augie Steenbeck (Jason Schwartzman), a war photographer, is taking his four children to a science felicitation ceremony. He is going there because his eldest son Woodrow (Jake Ryan ) is getting a prize for being a young inventor. Auggie also has to tell his children that their mother has died. The event is taking place in the desert of asteroid city, where a meteorite fell in 3700 B.C.

For people’s convenience, there is a motel and a few vending machines in this city. There are also other families whose children are also going to be rewarded. Actress Midge Campbell (Scarlett Johansson), her daughter Dinah (Grace Edwards), a bus full of school kids with a teacher June Douglas (Maya Hawke), General Grif Gibson (Jeffrey Wright), and a singing group of cowboys all arrive in this event. Everything is smooth, and the felicitation ceremony begins. But things take a dark turn when an alien suddenly appears.

Star Performance

Jason Schwartzman gave an outstanding. The way he cares for his children is relatable to many viewers. His dialogue delivery is excellent. Scarlett Johansson spreads her charm throughout the film. She looks beautiful on the screen. Jake Ryan and Grace Edwards tried their best for this film. Their acting is superb.

Jeffrey Wright gave an outstanding performance. The scene in which he delivers a speech is impressive. Maya Hawke and Rupert Friend gave average performances. Matt Dillon and Tony Revolori Anthony Revolori also is known as Tony Revolori, i >> Read More... Tony Revolori look decent on screen.


The film Asteroid City has a good concept. The director deserves a lot of appreciation for beautifully crafting all the scenes. It is full of suspense elements. The alien's entry adds depth to the film and creates excitement among the audience. Cinematographer Robert Yeoman beautifully captures the asteroid city. The desert, the families, and the science activities are perfectly shot. The music and the production values make the film very attractive.

However, the viewers may find it difficult to understand the film. The dialogue delivery by some of the actors is fast. It becomes difficult for the viewers to understand such a strong language. The first half is dull. Moreover, some scenes are confusing.

What’s There?

• Comedic scenes.

• The film is related to science and space.

• An imaginary 1955 desert town of Asteroid City.

• Alien film.

• Suspense and romance elements.

• Fantastic performance by Jason Schwartzman and Scarlett Johansson.

• Stunning cinematography.

• The music and production values are superb.

What’s Not There?

• The dialogues of some actors are not understandable.

• The first half is less impressive.

• Confusion in some scenes.

• Poor performance by some of the actors.


The film is about the 1955 asteroid city, justifying its title. People who love science and fiction will like this film. It is a highly suggested film.