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Donal Logue is an Irish-Canadian producer, writer, and actor. He has worked in television as well as the film industry. He is known for his roles in the movie The Tao of Steve, Grounded for Life, Vikings, Sons of Anarchy and much more. His television series include Terriers a detective series and Copper. He is currently part of NBC's Law & Order: Special Victims Unit series. He plays the role of Lt. Declan Murphy. His second series is a detective series Gotham by Fox in which he plays the character of Harvey Bullock. He was born in Canada. His parents were Michael J. Logue and Elizabeth. His father was a missionary in Africa. After their marriage, they shifted to England. His mother worked as a teacher at Calexico High School. The couple had three children, three girls Karina, who is an actress Deirdre and Eileen who works as an education consultant. His father was in the position of president at Aisling Industries. He went to Central Union High School.

He did his graduation from Harvard University in history. For his junior college, he attended St Ignatius' College. He was a State Champion in Impromptu Speaking. He was elected as a president for an American Legion Boys Nation in 1983. In 1992, he was seen in the movie Sneakers in the character of Dr. Gunter. In 1993, he played a guest appearance in the Northern Exposure "Baby Blues" episode. He played the character of Judd Bromell, who was a film script agent. He appeared in the role of a rival FBI agent in the episode "Squeeze" in The X-Files episode.

He also acted in The Patriot, and Blade in 2000. He appeared in Purple Violets and The Groomsmen by Edward Burns Edward Fitzgerald Burns was born on January 29, 19 >> Read More... . His role in The Tao of Steve won him a Special Grand Jury Prize in the category of Best Actor from the 2000 Sundance Film Festival. In 2005, he became a part of I Want to Rob Mick Jagger aired on ABC television. In 2006, he was seen in The Knights of Prosperity. He was also seen in a supporting role in the movie Just Like Heaven in 2005. In 2002 he appeared in "I Love. . ." series by VH1. In 2010, he acted in House, M.D. He played the character Curtis Harry, who was a millionaire patient. In 2005, he was seen in The Dennis, by NBC. He has worked with Nicolas Cage “You know I can eat peaches for hours…” This is on >> Read More... in the movie Ghost Rider and Zodiac by David Fincher David Fincher was born on 28th August 1962 and is >> Read More... . In 2008, he appeared in a documentary named One Fast Move or I'm Gone: Kerouac's Big Sur by Jack Kerouac. He played the main character in the music song "Lowlife," for the album Theory of a Deadman. In 2012, he appeared in Sons of Anarchy in the character of Lee Toric. In 2013, he acted in CBGB along with Alan Rickman Who doesn’t know “Severus Snape” in Harry Potter s >> Read More... . He was a part of six episodes of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as an undercover officer Lieutenant Declan Murphy.

He appeared in the movie The Intruders by Adam Massey in 2015. When Logue is not shooting, he works as a part of the theater group Hollywood United, which is an Angeles-based group. He owns a Hardwood company named Frison-Logue Hardwood in partnership with Frison and a trucking company with two partners named Aisling Trucking, which was founded in 2012. He got married to Kasey Walker, and the couple has two sons.


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