Who doesn’t know “Severus Snape” in Harry Potter series? The resentful, most hated and unwanted character that before the ending; all viewers fell in love and adored him. Snape was well portrayed and just one of Alan Rickman’s notable-breathtaking performances. He is also known to be one of the Sexiest Man Alive.

Born as Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman on February 21, 1946 in Hammersmith, London – UK. His father died when he was 8 years old. Rickman was married just on 2012 in New York Click to look into! >> Read More... with his long-time live-in partner Rima Horton. He does have 2 brothers and a younger sister. He attended elementary school at Derwentwater. He was a scholar in a secondary school Latymer. He then took Art and Design from Chelsea College and Royal College of Art. After graduating he and few of his friends established a design studio called “Graphiti.” He later decided to pursue his career in acting. As a start he sent a letter to Royal Academy of Dramatic Art to give him a chance to audition. He was given a chance and landed a place in RADA. He received the Emile Littler Prize for being the most promising actor, the prestigious Forbes Robertson Prize and also the Bancroft Gold Medal before leaving the said institution.

He first appeared as “Tybalt” in BBC Television Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet in 1978. Emile Zola’s Thérèse Raquin, the TV-Episodes Shelly in 1980, followed by TV-Episodes Busted, a John le Carre novel – Smiley’s People and mini-series The Barchester Chronicles all in 1982. This was then followed in 1985 Return of the native Rickman as the narrator, mini-series Summer Season and Girls on Top series. His issue with a shoelace in his debut film “Die Hard: Return with a Vengeance” as Hans Gruber in 1988. He went back to mini-series after that movie. In 1991 he returned and one of the supporting roles in Robin Hood Click to look into! >> Read More... : Prince of thieves with Kevin Costner He is one of the most seasoned stars in Hollywood >> Read More... was he won his Best Supporting Actor from BAFTA. In the same year he starred with Clive Owen Clive Owen is a famous English actor born in Keres >> Read More... in the movie Close My Eyes. He appeared in an independent film titled Closet Land.

As he rose up on getting all major roles, he then made his critically acclaimed and as a Best Actor from Golden Globe, and outstanding actor from Emmy Awards, SAG Awards, Satellite Award for Best Actor, the character in a miniseries “Rasputin: Dark Servant of Destiny” with Sir Ian Mckellen. He appeared in other major roles with Liam neeson in Michael Collins, The Winter Guest with Emma Thompson Thompson is an actress, writer, and a comedian in >> Read More... , and more. He appeared as President Ronald Reagan in award winning “The Butler.” More upcoming movies like “ A Little Chaos Click to look into! >> Read More... ” with Kate Winslet From television appearances to Hollywood’s film cr >> Read More... , Eye in the Sky with Helen Mirren She is known to be one of the superstars that main >> Read More... , soon to be announced “The Parallel” and as a voice talent “Absolem” again in “ Alice Through the Looking Glass Alice in Wonderland (2010), by Tim Burton, was a p >> Read More... .”

He receive the awards for “MTV Favorite Character Portrayal,” “People’s Choice Award for Ensemble Movie Cast”, “San Diego Film Critic Society Best Ensemble Performance” Deathly Hallows Part 2 and “Scream Award for Best Ensemble” in Harry Potter’s Half-Blood Prince. Viewers say that he does have a peculiar way of acting and the way he delivers his scripts were so different. Not that many people know is that he had a speech disability and his lower jaw locks so tight that he almost doesn’t open his mouth while talking.

Jimi Mistry English Actor

Jimi Mistry

The actor who immortalized “Macarena” Steps with a twist of “Punjabi” lyrics and songs. Ever since the movie “The Guru” released, the Punjabi became part of pop-culture not just in America but for the entire world.Born Jimi Mistry on January 1, 1973 in Scarborough, North Riding of Yorkshire, England. He grew up in England and attended St. James' Catholic High School. They eventually moved to Cardiff where he joined Radyr Comprehensive School. He attended Birmingham School of Speech and Drama where he learned acting. He competed in BBC television show, Strictly Come Dancing, in 2010.He first appeared in TV Series “Silent Witness” in 1998. Later on he had various television shows with supporting roles in “EastEnders”, “Spooks”, “Nearly Famous”, “Fiona's Story”, “Strike Back”, “Black Mirror: The Entire History of You", “Dara O Briain This Is The Show”, “The Syndicate” and his latest “Coronation Street.”He also starred in wonderful films like “East Is East”, “Born Romantic”, “The Mystic Masseur”, “My Kingdom”, “Things to Do Before You're 30”, “Ella Enchanted”, “Dead Fish”, “Touch of Pink” in 2004, “The Truth About Love” a romantic comedy with Jennifer Love Hewitt, “You Don't Have to Say You Love Me” in 2005, from the acclaimed director and award-winning-star-studded movie “Blood Diamond” with Leonardo DiCaprio, “Partition” in 2007, “RocknRolla” in 2008. He also showed in the movies “And the Beat Goes On”, “2012” and “exam” all in 2009. Showed in “It's a Wonderful Afterlife”, “Festival of Lights”, “The Arbor”, “Basement”, and “West Is West” all in 2010. He was married to Meg Leonard in 2001. They had a daughter named Elin and later on 2010 they separated.


Ian McKellen

No writer could ever describe him. As a writer, for me I strongly believe that he is now one of the pillars in nurturing, emphasizing and placing homosexuals to be of great importance in our time. He strongly emphasized that he’s not encouraging people to turn homosexuals, he wants us to understand and see how important their role in the evolution of society. This led him to accept and be his favorite role “Magneto” in the “X-Men” series and “The Da Vinci Code” with Tom Hanks. If you still remember the common prose and he modified it as “a man who came out of cupboard.” He is the most open and known “gay-actor.” He is more than an actor, a “Knight” and social activist.Born as Sir Ian Murray McKellen CH, CBE from Burnley, Lancashire – England. You might want to ask his titles “CH” and “CBE.” That stands for “Champion” in his contributions to film industry and equality “Commander” of the “Order of the British Empire” as he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. He was awarded “Freeman” on October 30, 2014 of London. He received the honorary Doctor of Letters degree by Cambridge University. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer.He appeared major roles in various and award winning theater acts and Shakespearean themes including in television. He imprinted his hands in a plaque in London's Leicester Square in 1999 for Gods and Monsters to commemorate his contributions in Media Arts. He was the most famous companion in the “Fellowship of the Ring” and the rest of the series. He won “Best Actor” for the movie “Gods and Monsters” and “Best Cast” for “The Return of the King.” He won “Best Supporting Actor” for the mini-series “Rasputin: Dark Servant of Destiny.” He turned down the offer to be Albus Dumbledore after Richard Harris died. He turned it down not because he’s angry with Harris, but he doesn’t want to be unfair and doesn’t want to take part of Richard Harris. He received the Saturn Award “Best Supporting Actor” for Apt Pupil and The Fellowship of the Ring and Outstanding Actor for Supporting Role 2001 and Outstanding Cast in 2003 for the Return of The King. Other numerous awards for Best Actor for the movies “Richard III”, mini-series “And The Band Played On,” from British Awards Chicago and Los Angeles Critics, National Board of Review, San Sebastian International Festival and Florida Film Critics. He phenomenally covered most prestigious awards and dominated Hollywood and Britain’s Top Film Guilds.

Ian McKellen English Actor