FREDDIE JONES After ten years working as a laboratory assistant in Tamworth, Frederick Charles Jones came to the acting profession. He is the son of Charles Edward Jones and Eda Elizabeth ,born on12 September,1927(Virgo) in the Stoke-on-tent,England. He was also known by other name called “Freddie” which was more popular among his audience.

Freddie Jones was trained at Rose Bruford College. He started his acting career by working in repertory theater and was acting with Royal Shakespeare Company in the mid-1960’s.He is always interested in eccentric characters. He narrated the entire award -winning video of Sexual Encounters of the Floral kind: Pollination Jones’s won the Golden Nymph Award and won the title of World’s Best Television Actor at Monte Carlo Television Festival.He also won the award of World’s Best Actor at Cannes Festival for his speechless performance as ‘Claudius’ in the 60’s British series ‘The Caesars.’ Jones also gave an outstanding performance in ‘Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed’ (Horror film).By the 1970’s his appearances with famous directors like Clint Eastwood He is a legendary actor and considered to be the m >> Read More... Clint Eastwood , Federico Fellini Federico Fellini is an Italian screenwriter and fi >> Read More... Federico Fellini and David Lynch David Lynch is a renowned American film director, >> Read More... David Lynch helped him to attain International recognition.Jones built his audience in concoctions such as The Satanic Rites of Dracula, Krull, Dune, Erik the Viking and Wild at Heart.Freddie was one of the versatile actors of the previous time.

Freddie has always been the first choice for playing characters of the vague, the obsessed, or just the plain loony. He also did a cameo in the hit comedy series, “The League of Gentlemen” that was based on the biased behavior of local shopkeepers towards the newcomers in the town. His acting was well suited for literary drama such as Far from the Madding Crowd, Nickolas Nickleby, Silas Marner and much more. Freddie Jones was also known as actor for perfection. Jones’s eccentric portrayals had been criticized many times, but still he was able to maintain his fame.

From the journey of his role of Cucurucu to the role of Sandy Thomson in Emmerdale, Freddie was consistently outstanding. He gave back to back hits. He gained success in every field whether it was of narration, voice over or acting. At the age of 89, he still is, involved in a lot of work. ‘Germinal,’ and ‘The Roy Hudd show,’ are his upcoming projects. Freddie was married to Jennie Hesselwood who was also one of the famous actresses. Both of them lived in Surrey before moving to Charlbury where his three sons forced his family to get shifted into a new house. Toby Jones Born on 7thSept, 1966, Toby Edward Heslewood Jones >> Read More... Toby Jones , Rupert Jones and Casper Jones, the three lucky mascots who are following the footsteps of their father, Freddie Jones.