This man is one of the living legends of Hollywood. For more than fifty years, he has been reigning silver screen and become a monumental figure. He was born as Arthur Christopher Orme Plummer on December 13, 1 929 in Ontario, Canada. He first landed a role in three movies in 1958 and got his first Emmy nomination for the movie “Little Moon of Alban” as Kenneth Boyd. It was followed in 1964 for “Hamlet at Elsinore”; off course his monumental submarine Captain von Trapp for the movie “The Sound of Music” alongside Julie Andrews; a story of family that sings for their living and as veteran of World War I he refused to join Nazi in their plans for the near coming World War II, he also made historical movie, as Arthur Wellesley in the great movie battle of “Waterloo” as Napoleon Bonaparte faces British army. His movie “The Return of the Pink Panther” in 1975 has spanned over decades playing Sir Charles Litton. He first received his award from Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor for the movie “Arthur Hailey's the Moneychangers” as Roscoe Heyward. He made a great rendition for Sherlock Holmes in the movie “Murder by Decree”, using logical reasoning in resolving difficult murder cases by Jack the Ripper. He was also become notable for the movie “The Man Who Would Be King.” He was also remarkable in the miniseries “The Thorn Birds” in 1983.

He continuously roared as one the biggest actors through the decades of 1980 and until the end of it. In 1990 he starred for the movie “Where the Hearts Is” alongside Natalie Portman, a story of a young pregnant lady that tries to raise her life after being her boyfriend abandoned them. He made another notable portrayal for the movie “Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country” as General Chang. He also joined Denzel Washington in the biographical of the influential nationalist “Malcolm X.” He also starred in the thriller movie “ Wolf” as Raymond Allen, as Clifton Lawrence for “A Stranger in the Mirror”, as Harry Weldon in “Liar’s Edge”, as narrator for “Madeline Series”, and casted for the movie “The Little Crooked Christmas Tree.” He also starred for the movie “12 Monkeys” a story of time traveller that will track down the cause of deadly plague to save mankind. He landed various roles up until the end of the year 1990.

He starred as Mike Wallace for the 1999 movie “The Insider”, a story of a researcher that become viral attention and threatened after appearing in an expose for Tobacco Company. Also casted for “Nuremberg”, as Hump Hinton for “The Dinosaur Hunter”, he played Archbishop Hume in the horror film “Possessed.” He was again nominated for his compelling portrayal of F. Lee Bailey for “American Tragedy”, as Abraham Van Helsing for “Dracula 2000”, as Norman for the movie “On Golden Pond”, as Graham Mortimer in “Lucky Break”, and as Holmes for “Blackheart.” Starred also as Dr. Rosen for the critically acclaimed movie “ A Beautiful Mind”, he tries to speak to a brilliant mathematician John Nash to battle his schizophrenia. He played also for the movies “Full Disclosure” and “Night Flight.” Starred as David for the movie “Ararat” and as John Watkins for “Agent of Influence.” He played an intimidating role as Ralph in the story of a man that will try to escape alongside his family and friends from the cruel uncle in the movie “Nicholas Nickelby.” He became Santa Claus for the movie “Blizzard”, narrator for “The Gospel of John”, as Mr. Massie for the famous “Cold Creek Manor”, as the grandfather of Nicolas Cage and laughing attention for believing in treasures concealed in important artifacts for the movie “National Treasure”, starred as Aristotle in the great story of a supreme commander in battlefield “Alexander”, made another compelling act for television film entitled “Our Fathers.”

He starred also for the movie “Must Love Dogs”, as Dean Whiting for “Syriana”, as Captain Newport for “The New World”, as Arthur Case for “Inside Man”, as Simon for “The Lake House”, as Dr. Heller for “Already Dead”, as Julius Caesar for “Caesar and Cleopatra”, as the voice of Mr. Charles Muntz in the movie “UP” a story of a widow that will fulfill the dreams of his wife to paradise falls and entangled with a boy and his idol as worst enemy. Starred as David Winters for the movie “Emotional Arithmetic”, starred also for the movie “9” and “My Dog Tulip” and played lead role for “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.” He starred as Leo Tolstoy in the critically acclaimed movie “The Last Station” a story of an author about fame and life. Starred as Hal for the movie “Beginners”, a story of a man that was shocked by father telling about terminal cancer and young male lover, alongside Ewan McGregor. Played the character Monsignor Orelas with Paul Bettany for the movie “ Priest” that disobeys higher order to save his niece from vampires.

He played as John for the movie “Barrymore”, at the same year played the role Henrik for the movie “The Girl with Dragon Tattoo”, a story of a man that will search for a missing lady for forty years, and as Fred Barcroft for “Elsa & Fred.” He starred as Professor Coreman for the movie “ Hector and the Search for Happiness”, a story of a man that will defy everything and searches happiness in the world. He also starred in the movie “ The Forger”, a story of a thief that unites with father and his son by stealing Monet painting alongside John Travolta, and played as Frank Grubman for the 2015 movie “ Danny Collins.”

Christian Slater English Actor

Christian Slater

He joined the ranks with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt for being one of the sexiest men. He is a very talented actor and producer of his own movies. Born as Christian Michael Leonard Slater on August 18, 1969 in New York, United States. First appeared in his debut movie “The Legend of Billie Jean”, followed by “Twisted” as Mark Collins. Played the role of Adso of Melk in the movie “The Name of the Rose”, a story of a monk that investigates in the series of deaths in an abbey alongside Sean Connery. He starred with Winona Ryder for the movie “Heathers” as JD, a story of a girl that wants to be part of society, meets a guy that teaches her a different way to make way in social life. He starred also in the movie “Pump Up The Volume” as Mark that operates radio station and speaks his mind the attracted listeners.As he became more popular, he continuously landed major roles including “Young Guns II” as Dave Rudabaugh, as Will Scarlet with Kevin Costner for the movie “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves”, played as Lucky in the movie “Mobsters” a story of friends that uses violence to achieve their goals and trusting only four of them. He also joined the casts of “Star Trek VI”, as Adam for the movie “Untamed Heart” a love story that is threatened to be separated by tragedy. Played the character of Clarence for the movie “True Romance” in 1993 and as Daniel Molloy in the star studded movie “Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles.” He was granted a chance by Louis to conduct interview about the life of socialite and vampire, he was bitten by Lestat before the end of the movie.He continuously roared in Hollywood movies and made a blockbuster movie with John Travolta in 1996 “Broken Arrow.” Aboard the stealth plane Captain Hale was betrayed by his best friend wingman tries to steal a nuclear weapon and Hale defied all odds. Made another breakthrough performance for the movie “The Contender” a story of running Vice President and her secrets. Joined in to the ranks of Kevin Costner and Kurt Russell in a story of convicted criminals that robs a casino during Elvis convention week in the movie “3000 Miles to Graceland.” He made an appealing role as Sgt. Ox Henderson in the movie “Windtalkers”, as an officer he was task to secure one of the “code talkers” from enemy threats even have to kill them if they be captured, risking his life not to do that in his blood bath battle with Japanese soldiers.He also starred in “Churchill: The Hollywood Years”, as Daniel for the movie “The Confessor”, as Edward Carnby a paranormal detective based on video game “Alone in the Dark.” He also played J.D. Reston for the movie “Mindhunters”, as Tom Hanson and producer for the movie “The Deal”, as Daryl Timmons for “Bobby”, as Michael Griffin turned in to an invisible assassin “Hollowman 2.” Continuously reigned blockbusters and cinema that includes in his list the movie “He Was a Quiet Man”, as Ray in “Slipstream”, as Pollen for the movie “Love Lies Bleeding”, as “Igor”, as Jimmy Dolan for “Dolan’s Cadillac”, as Wes in “Lies & Illusions”, as John Smith in “Guns, Girls and Gambling”, and Craig for the movie “Soldiers of Fortune” a story of wealthy people placed to military operations that everything goes wrong. Starred and played the role of Skip for the movie “Feaky Deaky”, as Governor Bramlette for “Hatfields and McCoys: Bad Blood”, voice for Jack in “Back to the Sea”, as Marcus for “Bullet to the Head”, as Col. Brauchman, a story of astronauts suffering from paranoia and fear to death for “Stranded” in 2013. Starred as Mikhail in “Assassins Run”, as father of Joe in a critically acclaimed “Nymphomaniac”, starred also for “Ask Me Anything” as Paul Spooner, and as Henry for “Way of the Wicked.”


Gary Oldman

One of the most respected actors in Hollywood. Known for his supreme portrayal of characters and a true refined and not a typical actor. Born as Gary Leonard Oldman on March 21, 1958 in London, England. Aside from being a filmmaker and actor, he is also a known musician. Made his first role for the movie “Remembrance” as Danniel, followed by the movie “Meantime” as Coxy, as Derek Bates for the movie “Honest, Decent & True”, as Joe Orton for the movie “Prick Up Your Ears”, as Johnny for the movie “We Think the World of You” a story of a good lawyer the made the accused to win the case learning the he is guilty at the end. He starred also for the movie “Criminal Law”, starred in “Chattahoochee” as story of a veteran imprisoned in a maximum security mental facility and abused. Starred as Count Dracula that will try to seduce a lady in England for the movie “Dracula” in 1992 starring Anthony Hopkins and Keanu Reeves.He joined the ranks of Jean Reno and Natalie Portman in a story of a young girl that falls in love with a professional assassin in the controversial movie “Leon: The Professional.” He made a wonderful rendition for the character of his genius Ludwig van Beethoven and his story in the biographical movie “Immortal Beloved.” He played character of Milton Glenn in the movie “Murder in the First”, a story of attorney that defends his client in the murder of his inmate inside Alcatraz. He played Reverend Dimmesdale for the movie “The Scarlet Letter” a story of a lady and pastor with affair. Starred also as Albert Milo for the movie “Basquiat” and as Mr. Zorg for the movie “The Fifth Element” a story of a taxi driver along with a skilled woman to find the cosmic weapon, starring Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich. He played an all cheesy and intimidating yet believable role Egor Korshunov leader of the hijackers of “Air Force One” alongside Harrison Ford as the President and Glenn Close as the Vice President. He hides as a clean reporter from Russia along with his crew aboard the most secured plane and eventually declared their plans. He wrote and directed the movie “Nil by Mouth”, as Dr. Zachary in a story of family flew to space for chance for humanity in the movie “Lost in Space.” He also starred in the movie “quest for Camelot”, as Representative Runyon in the critically acclaimed movie “The Contender” a story of running vice president and followed by her secrets.A story of lawbreaker, waitress and misfit risks their life to save the life of their found baby from danger in the movie “Nobody’s Baby.” He was also part of the dream cast for “Hannibal” a demented story of psychopathic intelligent supreme killer alongside Anthony Hopkins and Julianne Moore. He landed roles for “Interstate 60”, as Rolfe for the movie “Tiptoes”, and as Charlie Strom for “Sin.” He made contribution to the historical creation of the movie “Harry Potter Series.” He was introduced as Sirius Black, wrongfully accused mass murderer and to parents of Harry. In it  series it turned out that Sirius is innocent, ever loving godfather of Harry and as they try to conceal the truth about Harry of being one of the “Horcruxes”, concealed the true loyalty of Professor Snape, concealed and help Dumbledore to execute all his genius plans. He died when he catches the deadly curse by his cousin Bellatrix while battling over the prophecy in the movie “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.” He contributed in another monumental movie “Batman Begins”, playing the role of James Gordon he aids and lets the vigilante to capture criminals.He also starred for the movie “Deadly Fish”, as Paul for the movie “The Backwoods”, and faked his death as James Gordon in the movie “The Dark Knight Rises” as they battle “The Joker” and eventually saving his son from the good citizen turned villain friend. Starred as Rabbi Sendak in a story of a woman possessed by demon in the movie “The Unborn”, as William Holtzer for the movie “Rain Fall” a story of a professional hit man that will protect the daughter of his victim from CIA. He starred also for “A Christmas Carol”, as General Crawl in the movie “Planet 51”, and as Carnegie in the movie “Book of Eli” a story of a man that will fight for his life on his way across America. He appeared as Father Solomon in the cult thriller movie “Red Riding Hood” with Amanda Seyfried, as they try to bring down the giant wolf. He was used as voice talent for the animated movie “Kung Fu Panda 2”, he uncovers a Russian spy within MI6 as George Smiley for the movie “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.” He starred also in the movie “Guns, Girls, and Gambling” as Elvis, as James Gordon again that will help Batman to restore peace in the chaotic situation of Gotham city for the movie “The Dark Knight Rises.” Became part of the casts of “Lawless” a story of men that will have problem with authorities as they want to profit from their earnings. He plays Nicolas Wyatt for the movie “Paranoia”, starred as Dr. Norton the genius behind the resurrection of a considered dead cop betrayed by his superior and cop mates in the remake movie of “Robocop.” Starred as Dreyfus for the movie “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” a story of an intelligent ape that tries to balance his rule and believe to unite mankind and apes. Played the character Timur Nestorov for the movie “Child 44.”

Gary Oldman English Actor