10 Hollywood Actors Who Hate Their Own Movies

10 Hollywood Actors Who Hate Their Own Movies English Article

Here we are looking at the actors who have publicly stated their hatred for the movies they’ve been in. There is no speculation with this bunch.

10. Christopher Plummer This man is one of the living legends of Hollywood >> Read More... Christopher Plummer – ‘Sound of Music’ (1965)


This movie is known for its music, and well, it’s one of the best movies. But it seems like the lead actor didn’t like it much. Mr Vann Trapp, lead singer of the family, in the musical drama didn’t seem to like his role and resolved never to look back at those days. He had a hatred for the movie so much that he called it, ‘Sound of Mucus’.

9. Mark Wahlberg One of the multi-awarded youngest and finest star; >> Read More... Mark Wahlberg - ‘The Happening’ (2008)


The Happening’ consists of the same incredible ideas that M. has incorporated in the past three films he made which reduced curiosity and interest among the actors. Mark Wahlberg disliked his role because of the number of trees and plants present in the film during the shoot.

8. - ‘Nine Months’ (1995)


Huge Grant didn’t face any problems with the story or his role. He had made a perfect character. But he had an issue with the film being a 20th Century Fox film. He wanted nothing to do with Murdock after the scandal and stuck to his morals so far.

7. - ‘Manhattan’ (1979)


Woody Allen was an actor, director and a writer. Knowing his achievements and the ones that he funds individually, it looked like he won’t have a problem with films. But that didn’t seem real. He was disappointed with the last cut and wanted to remake it. Despite his hatred for the movie, it was nominated for the Oscars.


6. Katherine Heigl As she made back to back movies about relationship >> Read More... Katherine Heigl - ‘Knocked Up’ (2007)


It’s a story about an unplanned pregnancy. The lead actress, Katherine Heigl wasn’t happy with the film. She felt that the film was sexist and made the men look more happy-go-lucky whereas the women were portrayed as being humorless and uptight. This comment has given her the reputation as ‘hard to work with’.

5. - ‘Speed 2: Cruis Control’ (1997)


She’s Hollywood’s royalty, so there is a preconceived notion that she does nothing wrong. She made us laugh with ‘Miss Congeniality’ and made us cry with ‘ Gravity Click to look into! >> Read More... Gravity ’. But she also has some bad times. She was asked during her interview if she wants to do the sequel to ‘ The Heat Click to look into! >> Read More... The Heat ’ and she directly refused, saying that she has done two sequels and both were horrible.

4. - ‘Batman and Robin’ (1997)

George Clooney is like the face of Hollywood. He had the role of a superhero, which in the industry is known to be like a promotion. He played the ‘Batman’ and got a lot of recognition, but now he jokes about his work. He said that “we might have killed the Franchise”.

3. Bill Murray He is known to be one of the legendary actors in H >> Read More... Bill Murray - ‘Garfield’ (2004)

Bill’s involvement in this movie is seen as a case of mistaken identity. In a GQ magazine interview, Bill admitted that he thought the movie was Joel Coen Joel Coen is an American Producer. He is the elder >> Read More... Joel Coen ’s of the Coen Brothers. What he did not know was that the film was by another Joel Coen, a writer who made his career by writing short stories for families like ‘Toy Story’ and ‘Daddy Day Camp’. He didn’t back out of the movie but went through the painstaking process of recording. The more surprising part is that Murray did go on to act in its sequel.

2. Jim Carrey He is undeniably one of the greatest and magnifice >> Read More... Jim Carrey - ‘Kick-Ass 2’ (2013)

Sometimes current events make an artist reconsider his decision in life. Jim Carrey did not regret doing the movie and wasn’t ashamed of his work, though what cost him to re-think his choice of the movie was when the school had a shooting scene, which killed 28 in total.

1. Sylvester Stallone Sylvester Stallone is a famous American artist, sc >> Read More... Sylvester Stallone - (1992) ‘Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot’

He claims that he has made truly awful movies and this was one of them. He says that if you need anyone to confess his/her murder, show them the first 15 minutes of the film, which would be enough.