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Chris Martin is an English singer, songwriter, musician, and co-founder and lead vocalist of the British rock band, Coldplay. He was born in Whitestone village in England. He is the son of a retired accountant, Anthony Martin and a music teacher, Alison Martin. His father sold his family business named Martins of Exeter in the year 1999. His great-great grandfather was a British builder and a tireless promoter of British Summer Time. Chris pursued his education from University College London where he had an encounter with Jonny Buckland The lead guitarist and the co-founder of “Coldplay >> Read More... and they together decided to formulate a band where Jonny will be a guitarist and Chris will be a lead vocalist. Later on, they were joined by a bass player Guy Berryman and a drummer Will Champion William Champion also known as Will Champion was b >> Read More... making their band complete. They finally formed the band in the year 1996 with the name Pectoralz and then temporarily changed their band name to Starfish and finally to Coldplay by following the suggestion of another band. The band released their first album in the year 2000 named Parachutes, after which they became internationally famous. The song ‘Yellow’ from this album stood at number 4 in the charts and brought fame to Coldplay. Martin used to write songs for the acts. He also collaborated with some singers to sing the variety of songs which became popular in some time. In the year 2005, he sang with singer Nelly Furtado for a song of his album Loose, and they got rumored to be a couple after their performance at Glastonbury in the year 2002. He also collaborated on his hip hop style song in the year 2006 with rapper Jay-Z for his album titled Kingdom Come.

Martin shared a jam session with Kanye West Kanye West is a Hollywood singer, hip hop recordin >> Read More... at a concert at Abbey Road Studios in the year 2006. Recently, Chris collaborated with DJ and producer Avicii for two tracks for his album named Stories. The first track is titled ‘Heaven’ and Chris wrote its lyrics and Simon Aldred was the vocalist. On 25 January 2016, Coldplay released their song Hymn for the Weekend from their album A Head Full Of Dreams. This song includes the vocals from Beyoncé and production by Avicii. The video got exclusively shot in various cities of India and also features Indian culture and heritage. Indian film actress Sonam Kapoor Sonam Kapoor, Daughter of Anil Kapoor and model Su >> Read More... also got featured in the video song. Chris along with the Coldplay guitarist has played cameo roles in a film Shaun of the Dead. He has also done other roles in a variety of films. He met actress Gwyneth Paltrow She is known to be one of the most charismatic and >> Read More... in the year 2002 at a Coldplay concert and after that in the year 2003, he married her. He had a daughter named Apple Blythe Alison Martin born in the year 2004 after which he released a song in the anticipation of his daughter’s birth. After ten years of marriage, Martin and Paltrow got divorced in the year 2015. Talking about his achievements, he has won a Grammy Award for the Song of the Year in 2009 and, in the year 2003 he got an NME Award for the Hottest Man. His band has also won many outstanding awards for being enthusiastic and entertaining throughout their reign. Coldplay has won Grammy Awards, Emmy Awards, GQ Awards, Echo Awards, Billboard Music Awards, NME Awards, Brit Awards, etc. These achievements totally define their excellence in music.


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