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Cory Monteith English Actor
  • DOB : 11-05-1982
  • Date of death: 13-07-2013
  • Star Sign : Taurus

Cory Monteith is one of the top Canadian Actors and also a great musician. He is known for his performance as Finn Hudson in the Fox channel series Glee, which gained him a role in Monte Carlo Click to look into! >> Read More... Monte Carlo . He is a British Based Actor who played minor roles in a number of televisions series. He was born in Alberta, Canada on May 11, 1982. Cory had an agitated adolescence at the age of 12 as he was exhausted. He left school at the age of 16 and indulged himself into drugs because of which he was sent to a Rehab at the age of 19. His father was a military man, and his mother was an interior decorator, and they got divorced when Cory was seven years old. He faced a lot of social difficulties and victimized himself by bringing in Alcohol and Marijuana into his life at the age of 13.

He also involved himself in petty crimes like stealing money to aid his addictions. He was fine after the intervention his family and friends had staged before he began the rehabilitation program. Before being an actor, Cory worked in several places as a greeter, Mechanic, School Bus Click to look into! >> Read More... School Bus driver, etc. He began his acting career with a small yet impactive role in Vancouver. Later, he proceeded to play trivial characters in Whisper, Final Destination, and in Deck the halls. He even shot the film Sisters and Brothers in January 2011 which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival. He dated his co-actor, Lea Michele Lea was born in Bronx, NY as Lea Michele Sarfati. >> Read More... Lea Michele . They remained together till a year before his death from early 2012. For his role in Glee alone, Cory bagged 12 awards in different categories like Outstanding Performance, Actor Breakout Star Male, Male Future Style Icon. He also won the Teens Choice Award in 2011 for his role in Monte Carlo.

He made a lot of Guest Appearances in shows like MasterChef, Supernatural, Kylie XY, Small Ville, Kaya, Whistler, Mistresses. Cory became a victim of substance again during 2013 and was also admitted to the hospital for his treatment. At the time of his death, he survived in Los Angeles, the same place where the show that gained him fame was filmed- Glee. On July 13, 2013, Cory was reported dead. Reports stated that he died because of "Mixed Drug Toxicity" which consisted of heroin and Alcohol. His death appeared to have been accidental. He was paid tribute in many award shows by his co-actors the same year.