English Lyricist ( 0 - 12 )

Martin Simpson

Rabbit Mac

Vanessa Paradis

Harindranath Chattopadhyay

Sara Ramirez

Big Sean

Mark Ronson

Fran Walsh

Johnny McDaid

Johnny Marr

Jack O Brien

Ed Sheeran


The Journey From Poem To Song

Working in the Music Department of the film, or might as well work independently, the Lyricist is the person who writes the song. Also known as songwriters, lyricists either work on a fresh song or add words to an existing song. Penning down a song for a film requires the lyricist to know the script and background well so as to ensure that the words of the song and the storyline complement each other. The lyricist works with the composers and music artists. The tune of the song shall go with the flow of words and vice versa.

The lyricist may add a few words from some other language apart from the base language of the song- it may be used for bringing out the essence of the place where the story originates from, or merely for the fact that it sounds good. Also the vocalists shall understand the meaning of the words well so that they can emote well- hence, every song needs to be understood before going behind the microphone. The musicians shall be selected wisely so as to ensure that music arrangement that is created effectively suits the theme and rhythm of the song.

With a great hold of the language that the major in, the songwriters shall know the basics of several languages. With a poetic mind and a creative flair, they have the ability to create new things and mould them according to the music that the story demands.