Dan Trachtenberg English Actor
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Dan Trachtenberg was born on 11th May 1981 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.Dan has been in the working for direction since 1998. His career bloomed after he directed commercials for Coca-Cola, Nike and Lexus. There have been many great directions that Dan has done. In 2003, he directed a short film named ‘kickin’’. He directed a cooking comedy show Ctrl+alt+chicken in 2006, under Revision 3. Then in April, 2008, he joined hands with Matt Walsh for an alternate reality game show for Hell Boy II: the Golden Army. He also hosted podcast named The Totally Rad Show.

2011 has been a great year for Dan. For the Black Box TV, in March 2011, he made a short film titled ‘More than you can chew’ starring Skye Marshal, J. Christopher and Ian Hamrick. Mac D Walker co-wrote the story with Dan. Few weeks later, Dan released a short film, Portal:No Escape, based on the video game Portal; it attracted over seventeen million views. On October 2013, announcement came in that Dan would be directing a science fiction action film for Universal pictures with writer Chris Morgan The innovative thinker, Chris Morgan is an America >> Read More... Chris Morgan . ‘Aint it cool news’ announced that Trachtenberg would direct a film for Bad Robot Productions, movie initially was named Valencia and then renamed to 10 Cloverfield lane.

The trailer for the movie was released on January 15, 2016. 10 Cloverfield Lane made an overall 800,000 views on its first day of release. In 2011, it featured as the top games of the year 2011 by Venture Beaton. The third level of “Cloverfield” also directed by Dan was released on March, 2016. Dan Trachtenberg definitely has impressed the world with his direction skills!