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Byron Mann is an Actor of Chinese American descends who was born on 13th Day of August in 1967 in Hong Kong. Mann was an active part of a theater during his schooling in Diocesan Boys School, a secondary school in Hong Kong itself. Mann took part in the theater as both a writer and an actor. Byron moved to California after Graduation to get a degree at the University of California in Los Angeles in Philosophy. With his heart set on acting, Byron took a sabbatical from his studies at the University of Southern California in Gould School of Law after the first year.

He went back to Hong Kong when he bagged a role in a TV Movie by NBC named “Last Flight Out” in 1990. After completing this movie, he went back to California and completed his law degree to pass the Bar of California. It was this completion of his studies that proved to be the point where he shifted his focus full-time to acting and went on to don the roles of various characters.

In 1992, Byron played the role of Charlie in the movie “Ghost Ship” based on adventures of seven kids with a treasure map. He played many small roles like that of Quan Chang in “” and Taki in “Time Trax”. In 1994, Mann did three movies titled “Possessed by the Night”, “Deadly Target” and “Street Fighter”; out of these the most remembered role of Byron was that of Ryu in “Street Fighter.” Street Fighter flick also starred Raul Julia and Jean Claude Van Damme. In 1995, a video game for this movie was released that featured Ryu as one of its characters. Another memorable role of Mann was in the 1995 manga-based movie “Crying Freeman” where he portrayed the character of Koh.

Other than the above, many other roles were portrayed by Mann like the one of Tommy Wu in the flick “The Sentinel” and Shadow in the 1998 movie “American Dragons”, etc. Mann has made a contribution of more than 50 films till now as an actor. He has worked with many A-list stars of the Hollywood industry like , Ryan Gosling Ryan Gosling is a Canadian artist. Born at 2:34 am >> Read More... Ryan Gosling , and Steve Carrel in 2015 flick “The Big Shot”. Big was directed by Adam McKay and was a production of Paramount Pictures. He has also worked on films like “Invincible” and “Catwoman”. He worked in a TV serial named “Dark Angel” 2000-2002 which starred , Jennifer Blanc, John Savage John Savage was born on 25 August 1949 in Old Beth >> Read More... John Savage , and Ashley Scott Ashley McCall Scott was born in Louisiana, USA, on >> Read More... Ashley Scott like stars. He did another TV Series called “Hell on Wheels” based on the construction of the first ever Transcontinental Railway project in the United States.

Mann has been a regular on this series and portrayed the role of Chang, a powerful, money minded railway worker who provided Chinese workers in the show that ran from 2011 to 2016. Byron Mann has an interest in sports like Golf and Tennis besides acting. In fact, he was a known and top-ranked Tennis Player back in Hong Kong. He has also practiced Wushu, a form of Chinese Martial Arts and has displayed his talent for the same in movies like Street Fighter and the Invincible.