Considered to be one of the “Sexiest Woman in the World” in 2007. She was so commended in her movie “ Honey Bio coming soon... >> Read More... .” The actress behind the character was Jessica Alba.

Born as Jessica Marie Alba on April 28, 1981 in California - U.S. She grew from a strict catholic especially that his father was serving as Air Force Officer. Jessica was not so famous in her school, due to her health problems. This illnesses was brought by their continuous travelling to different places. She finished at Claremont High School when she was 16. She later joined the Atlantic Theater Company. She married Cash Warren in 2008 and had 2 children.

She first debuted in film as Gail in a 1994 movie called “Camp Nowhere.” She became famous in a 1995 action film “Venus Rising.” She also appeared in the 1999 movie “Never Been Kissed” with Drew Barrymore She first appeared in the Steven Spielberg’s movie >> Read More... and then followed by “Idle Hands.” She made various movies in the following years like “Paranoid” in 2000, “The Sleeping Dictionary” released in 2003. She also starred as Nancy Callahan in the “Sin City” in 2005 and also appeared one of the “ Fantastic Four Click to look into! >> Read More... .” She also worked for the movie “Into The Blue” in 2005 and followed in 2007 for the movie “Knocked Up.” She came back in the movie sequel “Rise of the Silver Surfer”, comedy films “The Ten” and “Good Luck Chuck, and conspiracy thriller “Awake” all in 2007. She made 3 movies in 2008 including “The Eye”, a comedy film “Meet Bill”, and “The Love Guru” with Mike Myers Michael John ‘Mike’ Myers, also called Mike Myers >> Read More... . She made 5 movies in 2010 with the titles “Valentine’s Day”, a novel and film adaptation “ The Killer Inside Me Click to look into! >> Read More... ”, action film “ Machete Click to look into! >> Read More... ”, drama film “An Invisible Sign”, and the comedy film sequel “ Little Fockers Click to look into! >> Read More... .” She also worked for “Spy Kids 4” in 2011, “A.C.O.D.” in 2012 as Michelle”, computer animated film used her voice as Lena in “ Escape From Planet Earth Click to look into! >> Read More... ” and “Machete Kills” both in 2013. She made 4 movies in 2014 naming “Sin City”, she portrayed Daisy in “Dear Eleanor”, she played the role Kate in “How to Make Love Like an Englishman”, and action-comedic film “Stretch.” In this year 2015 she released the movies “ Barely Lethal Click to look into! >> Read More... ” and comedy film “ Entourage Click to look into! >> Read More... .” In 2016 she have an upcoming movie called “Mechanic: Resurrection.”

She won the Breakthrough Actress of the Year from ALMA Award, Best Performance for a TV Drama from Golden Globes, Favorite Female Action hero, Superstar of Tomorrow, Hottest Jessica, Hottest Female Action Star and more.

Sandra Bullock English Actress

Sandra Bullock

Once dubbed as “The Girl Next Door” and “America’s Sweetheart.” She was named “The Most Beautiful Woman” of 2015 by People Magazine. Her name is Sandra Bullock.Sandra Bullock was born in Virginia, United States on July 26, 1964. His father served in U.S. Army and her mother an opera singer. She first did her acting career in her mother’s play as a beggar. She does have a sibling named Gesline Bullock-Prado. Sandra was married to Jesse G. James on 2005 and got divorced on 2010. She also dated Matthew McConaughey and Ryan Gosling. She knows how to speak German since she was raised in Germany until the age of 12. She was a member of  Staatstheater Nürnberg choir. She studied in Washington-Lee High School and served as a cheerleader. She took degree in acting from East Carolina University. She decided to move to New York to pursue her acting career and supported herself alone and worked as a bartender, almost the same with “Coyote Ugly“ story. She’s a long-time supporter of American Red Cross.She made her debut on a 1987 film called “Hangmen.” This followed on 1989 film “A Fool and His Money.” In 1992 she filmed 3 movies naming “Who Shot Patakango”, “Who Do I Gotta Kill” also known as “Me & The Mob”, and the elixir “Love Potion No.9.” She came back on 1993 with five movies naming “When the Party’s Over”, co-starred with Jeff Bridges in “The Vanishing”, the comedic-drama movie “The Thing Called Love”, worked with Sylvester Stallone on “Demolition Man”, the adventure film “Fire on the Amazon” and a romance film entitled “Wrestling Ernest Hemingway.” She various movies and television-appearances. She made a blockbuster movie with Keannu Reeves “Speed 2: Cruise Control” the romantic-comedic film “Practical Magic” and voice talent for “The Prince of Egypt” in 1998 and 1999 consecutively. She was so famous in her comedy-action film “Miss Congeniality” and its second installment “Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous.” She also appeared in “The Lake House” and “Infamous.” She worked with Ryan Reynolds on the comedy film “The Proposal” in 2009 where she won Favorite Movie Actress. She made her part in an award winning movie “The Blind Side” where she won Best Actress from Academy Awards, Critic’s Choice, Screen Actors Guild and Golden Globe. She also worked for the movies “The Heat”, “Gravity”, “Minions”, and “The Pioneers” and in 2016 upcoming movie “Our Brand Is Crisis. She received various nominations and awards from reputable body-awarding group. Including Academy Award, multiple Critic’s Choice Award, a Golden Globe Award and 2 Screen Actors Guild.She was also a producer and activist for humanitarian works for Red Cross, Japan Earthquake, Indian Ocean Earthquake and Haiti Tsunami. Everyone know, and undeniably that Sandra is beautiful. Becoming like her is quite thrilling and in suspense, when she found out that she have a stalker named Thomas James Weldon since 2002. She filed a restraining order to keep Sandra from harm. This was repeatedly done through court and always received the order even after his release from mental hospital.


Cameron Diaz

She’s one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood and she’s often called “The It Girl” for having a very funny and strong attitude. Her name is Cameron Diaz.She was born Cameron Michelle Diaz in Los Angeles, California – U.S. on August 30, 1972. She’s an actress, model and producer. She and her sister Chimene grew up in Long Beach. She attended/studied  in Los Cerritos Elementary School and in Polytechnic High School in Long Beach. She’s married to Benjie Madden a band guitarist just this year 2015. She joined modeling agency “Elite” at the age of 16. She did commercial for Coca-Cola and made fashion shows and photo shoots with Calvin Klein and Levi Strauss. She had also romantic courting with Justin Timberlake, Jarred Leto and Matt Dillon. She made numerous films and TV-series and including her own film-produced movie.She debuted in the movie “3 Ninjas” in 1992. This was followed in 1994 for the comedy film “The Mask” with Jim Carrey. She made a follow up movie in 1995 comedy movie “The Last Supper” and second installment of “3 Ninjas Knuckle Up.” She filmed 2 movies in 1996 including “She’s The One” and filmed 3 movies in 1997 including the blockbuster hit “My Best Friend’s Wedding” where she won Outstanding Individual Performance from ALMA Awards. She made her notable acts for “There’s Something About Mary” where she won Funniest Leading Actress from American Comedy Awards and Best Female Performance from MTV Movie Awards, and Best Actress from New York Film Critics, and her acclaimed “Being John Malkovich.” She made a tremendous audience from around the world when they released “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle” in 2000 and filmed the installments/series of the said film. He also co-starred with Tom Cruise for the movie “Vanilla Sky” where she got Best Supporting Actress from Boston Critics and Chicago Critics, star-studded “Gangs of New York”, the all-time favorite “Shrek” where she got Wannabe Award for its third installment, and “The Sweetest Thing.” She made various film along the years and made her another blockbuster “Knight and Day” with Tom Cruise and her own produced “Bad Teacher” in 2011 and got the CinemaCon Award for Female Star of The Year and Actress Comedy from Teen Choice.After these she made various roles for “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”, the animated “A Liar's Autobiography: The Untrue Story of Monty Python's Graham Chapman”, the thriller “The Counselor”, and “The Unbelievers” in 2013. She made 3 movies in 2014 entitled “The Other Woman”, the  comedy hit film “Sex Tape” and the musical “Annie.”

Cameron Diaz English Actress