Daniela Pestova English Actress

The beautiful blonde Daniela Pestova was born on 14 October 1970. She belongs to a rich and sophisticated family who lives in Teplica, Czechoslovakia. Daniels is a Model with a height of 5 feet 11 inches. Daniela started her modeling career when she was 19. She got launched by the Madison Modeling Agency in Prague's theater.She won a modeling contest and shifted to Paris. Hence, she left her higher education and started focusing on her career as a model. Pestova lived in France for 2 years for her contract signed in Madison Modeling Agency.Her modeling career started after she shifted to New York City.

Daniella has posed many covers of a number of magazines like 'GQ,' 'COSMOPOLITAN' 'FITNESS'. She also endorsed for ' Victoria Secret's.' Pestova also got a contract from 'L'Oreal to be their model. The social order named her as "Chameleon" as she changes her look very beautifully and often. Daniela Pestova tied the knot with Tomasso Buti the fomerCEO of 'Fashion Café '. In 1995. The couple was blessed with 'Yannick' their baby boy. The couple sadly got divorced in 1998, and four years later she gave birth to her daughter 'Ella'. Daniela is currently dating Pavol Habera, a Slovak Singer.