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Ryan Coogler was born on 23rd May 1986 in Oakland, California.his Mother is Joselyn and father is Ira Coogler. He had two brothers named Noah, and Keenan. He lived in a few different places over the period of his childhood; these include Oakland, Richmond, and Berkeley. In his school days, he was great at football, and he developed an interest in screenwriting only after a professor of his persuaded him. Along with his career ambitions, he has also followed his father's footsteps and counsels the youth at the juvenile hall. His Fiance was Zinzi Evans.

While he was studying at the USC school of Cinema Arts, he made four short films. His excellence and mastery were shown right since then. 3 out of 4 were nominated for awards. These were; Fig, Locks, and the Sculptor. The latter two won awards. His first complete movie was Fruitvale. This movie was an absolute hit and won over 7-8 awards at film festivals from across the globe. Coogler was then approached to direct Creed. This movie gained praise from critics across and also won some awards.

He also produced The Day the Series Stopped and is working on a graphic novel for the youth. Although Ryan has done very limited work in these years, his work has been appreciated by both, the audiences and the critics. Let's just say that he is a man of quality and not quantity. Awards: Ryan has won awards such as Jack Nicholson Award for Achievement in Directing for his short film Gap, Best New Filmmaker, Best directorial debut at nearly three film festivals, Best debut feature. The latter 3 being for Fruitvale. He also won Best Director for Creed.


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