Martin Charles Scorsese is one of the most celebrated director, producer, screenwriter, actor, and film historians all over the globe. An American citizen, Scorsese was born on November 17, 1942, in Queens, New York Click to look into! >> Read More... . With both his parents working in New York’s garment district, as a child, Martin was often taken to the theater to watch movies and plays. Acting ran in his family as both his parents were fond of acting, and Martin too at an early age developed an interest for the profession.

While in high school, Martin desired to be a priest, but eventually ended up being an alumnus from New York University’s School of Film where he mastered in film communication. Martin’s career as a director had already begun in college, where he directed an award winning short film namely, The Big Shave (1968), and later his first feature film, Who’s That Knocking At My Door (1967).

After completing his graduation, Scorsese worked as an assistant under various influential directors and also made a number of short films on his own. This period in his life marked his collaboration with actor, Robert De Niro A legendary actor and one of the most influential >> Read More... , with whom he went on to make some of the most remarkable movies of his career. In 1976, Martin starred Robert De Niro in the film, Taxi Driver, which established Scorsese as a top notch director. The movie received four Oscar nominations and won the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival. After this, Scorsese produced his first big budget musical named New York, New York, which proved to be a massive failure. Unable to bear the burden of his failed musical, Scorsese was soon driven to depression, which further worsened due to his cocaine addiction. It was Robert De Niro who saved his drowning career by motivating him to come out of his addiction and focus more on his passion.

In the 1970s, after much appeal from De Niro, Martin Scorsese finally agreed to direct the film, Raging Bull. The movie not just proved to be a box office hit, but was also appreciated by the critics. It received eight Oscar nominations and also got De Niro’s first Oscar under the Best Actor category. Even till today, Raging Bull is considered one of the greatest films produced in the field of cinema.

After this, Martin went on to direct The Color of Money (1986), The Last Temptation of Christ (1988), ‘Goodfellas’ (1990), Cape Fear (1991), The Age of Innocence (1993), ’Casino’ (1995), and ‘Kundun’ (1997), among other films. Meanwhile, he also rejected a few acting offers which came his way.

In 2002, Scorsese received his first Golden Globe under the Best Director category for his film, The Gangs of New York. While in 2004, his film, The Aviator, won five Academy Awards and it was in the year 2006 that Scorsese finally won the Academy Award under the Best Director category for The Departed. His list of successful movies also includes Shutter Island Click to look into! >> Read More... (thriller), Shine A Light (documentary), and ‘Hugo’, which won five Academy Awards. Scorsese is an internationally acclaimed director and has received various honors from all over the world.

In contrast to his professional life, Scorsese personal life has been a rough ride. He has been married five times. His marriage to the first four wives ended in divorce. Since 1999, he has been married to Helen Schermerhorn Morris, and has a daughter, Francesca, with her.

Ryan Coogler English Actor

Ryan Coogler

Ryan Coogler was born on 23rd May 1986 in Oakland, California.his Mother is Joselyn and father is Ira Coogler. He had two brothers named Noah, and Keenan. He lived in a few different places over the period of his childhood; these include Oakland, Richmond, and Berkeley. In his school days, he was great at football, and he developed an interest in screenwriting only after a professor of his persuaded him. Along with his career ambitions, he has also followed his father's footsteps and counsels the youth at the juvenile hall. His Fiance was Zinzi Evans. While he was studying at the USC school of Cinema Arts, he made four short films. His excellence and mastery were shown right since then. 3 out of 4 were nominated for awards. These were; Fig, Locks, and the Sculptor. The latter two won awards. His first complete movie was Fruitvale. This movie was an absolute hit and won over 7-8 awards at film festivals from across the globe. Coogler was then approached to direct Creed. This movie gained praise from critics across and also won some awards. He also produced The Day the Series Stopped and is working on a graphic novel for the youth. Although Ryan has done very limited work in these years, his work has been appreciated by both, the audiences and the critics. Let's just say that he is a man of quality and not quantity. Awards: Ryan has won awards such as Jack Nicholson Award for Achievement in Directing for his short film Gap, Best New Filmmaker, Best directorial debut at nearly three film festivals, Best debut feature. The latter 3 being for Fruitvale. He also won Best Director for Creed.


Ridley Scott

Sir Ridley Scott is a British film producer and a director. He hails from South Shields in South Tyneside, North East England to Colonel Francis Percy Scott and Elizabeth. His father Francis Percy was an officer in the Royal Engineers and was mostly away most of the time. When Ridley was young, his older brother Frank joined the Merchant Navy. His brother’s job was the reason that the duo had little contact. His younger brother Tony Scott also became a film director. The family moved around a lot owing to the army job of the father. They travelled and lived in Cumberland, Germany, Wales, and many other places before settling finally in Teesside (Hartburn, County Durham). They went back to their native place in North East after the World War II. Ridley did his schooling from Grangefield Grammar School, Stockton. Like his elder brother, Ridley also wanted to join the army. But, his father opposed the decision, saying that Ridley should instead polish his artistic skills/ talents. So, he obtained a diploma in design in 1958 from West Hartlepool College of Art. Afterward, he went to London’s Royal College of Art. In the college, he contributed to the ARK magazine and helped in setting up the film department too. For his final performance in the college, he prepared a short film (black and white) 'Boy and Bicycle'. 'Boy and Bicycle' featured Ridley’s father and his younger brother. After his graduation, he was granted a scholarship (travelling) to the Unites States. Over there, he worked with various award-winning documentary filmmakers. Then, he was hired by the BBC as a trainee set designer. In the February of 1963, BBC named Ridley in its credits of the TV programme Tonight. He was credited as the Designer of the show, which depicted the 1963’s severe winter. After that, he worked on various television series like 'Out of the Unknown' (science fiction), and 'Z- Cars' (police series). He was initially a part of 'The Daleks' (second part of Doctor Who serial), but Raymond Cusick replaced him following a schedule conflict. He started directing episodes for BBC television series in 1965. Only one episode of his direction, ‘Adam Adamant Lives!’ is commercially available now. The rest was wiped off. In the year 1968, Ridley along with his younger brother established a film and commercial production firm- RSA (Ridley Scott Associates). In the 1970s, Ridley made many commercials at RSA with some of the leading names like Hugh Johnson, Alan Parker, and Hugh Hudson. One such advertisement was the Hovis ad in 1973 ‘Bike Round’ which became all – time favorite commercial (of the United Kingdom) in a poll of 2006. It was filmed in Gold Hill, Shaftesbury in the county of Dorset. It captured the public imagination. In 1970 and 1980s, the commercials of Chanel were directed by Ridley. They were creative mini- films with production parameters like surreal imagination and appeal which “played on the same visual imagery, with the same silhouette of the bottle". In 1995, Ridley and Tony purchased the Shepperton Studios, and they renovated it considerably while expanding and upgrading its grounds. In 1984, Scott directed a big budget TV commercial of the launching of Apple Macintosh computer. His debut film as a director was 'The Duellists' based upon the novel by Joseph Conrad with the same name in 1977. The Duellists got nominated at the Cannes Film Festival and won the Best Film award. Subsequently, Ridley directed many films including a science- fiction 'Alien', 'Blade Runner', 'Legend', 'Someone to Watch Over Me', 'Thelma & Louise', 'Black Rain', and historical epic '1492: Conquest of Paradise'. Ridley and Tony formed another production company in Los Angeles, Scott Free Productions. His succeeding films were all produced under the Scott Free Productions banner. His next directions were 'G. I. Jane', 'White Squall', 'Gladiator', 'Hannibal', 'Black Hawk Down', 'Kingdom of Heaven', director’s cut of Kingdom of Heaven, 'Matchstick Men' (adapted from Eric Garcia’s novel). Other movies to his credit are 'A Good Year', 'American Gangster', 'Robinhood', 'Body of Lies', 'Prometheus', 'The Counselor', 'Killing Jesus', 'Gettysburg', 'The Gathering Storm', 'Into the Storm', 'The Pillars of the Earth', 'Killing Kennedy', 'The Martian', and 'Exodus: Gods and Kings'. He also produced documentaries including 'Life in a Day', and 'Springsteen & I'. 'A Good Year' is based on the book of Peter Mayle. Ridley Scott has also been a producer of television projects comprising of 'Numb3rs' (a crime drama series about a mathematician who assists the FBI in crime solving), 'The Good Wife' (legal & mystery show), 'The A- Team' (TV film), and 'The Man in the High Castle' (an American TV series adapted from a novel by Philip K. Dick). Ridley is currently working on the adaptation of The Forever Way book by Joe Haldeman. He is also producing a sequel to 'Blade Runner'. The second instalment of 'Prometheus' is also due. In 2016, he was seen negotiating to direct the 1968 British TV series 'The Prisoner' in the film version. Ridley married Felicity Heywood in 1964. The duo has two sons Jake Scott and Luke Scott. Both, Jake and Luke are presently working as directors in RSA- Ridley Scott Associates, Production Company. Ridley separated his ways from Felicity in 1975. He then remarried an advertising executive Sandy Watson in 1979. The couple is blessed with a daughter, Jordan Scott. They got divorced in 1989. Jordon is also a director with RSA, working from Los Angeles. Ridley’s current companion is the actress Giannina Facio. Facio has been a part of all the movies of Scott since 'White Squall' leaving 'The Martian' and 'American Gangster'. Ridley has dedicated many of his movies to the memory of his family members. 'The Counselor' and 'Exodus: Gods and Kings' were dedicated to his younger brother Tony, 'Blade Runner' to his elder brother Frank, and 'Black Hawk Down' to his mother, Elizabeth. Scott got nominated for numerous awards and had also won many of them. His awards include the Best Debut Film Award at Cannes Film Festival, Saturn Award for Best Director, Saturn Award for Best Science Fiction Film, Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture, Emmy Award for Outstanding Made for Television Movie, Emmy Award for Outstanding Nonfiction Special, Lifetime Achievement Award given by the Visual Effects Society, and the award for Best Director by National Board of Review. He is also an honorary doctorate by the Royal College of Art, London.

Ridley Scott English Actor