Isao Takahata is an internationally renowned filmmaker, an all rounder in the field. He is a Director, Producer, Screenwriter, and an Animator. He is also known for the various genres of films that he has created. Be it comedy, romance or a war-themed thriller, Takahata has done them all. He has tested his luck in all these fields and redeemed himself as successful in all of them. Moreover, he is well-appreciated for his talents in creating anime films. He is also the proud co-owner of Studio Ghibli with his long time companion ‘ Hayao Miyazaki Hayao Miyazaki is a Japanese Producer, Film Direct >> Read More... Hayao Miyazaki ’.

Isao Takahata is a Japanese filmmaker, born 29th October 1935 in Ujamaa (now known as Ise). His love for anime started with a curiosity for how animation works, which was sparked up after seeing a cartoon named The King and the Mockingbird. And thus, after his graduation from the University of Tokyo, he decided to join Toei Animation as an Assistant Director. After a very competitive training there, he made his debut as a director through the 1968 film named Hols: Prince of the Sun. And thus, through the nurturing hands of Takahata, numerous films were born. Grave of the Fireflies, Only Yesterday Click to look into! >> Read More... Only Yesterday are some among the long list of great movies made by Takahata. The 1984 film, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind posed as his first project as Film Producer. He was fortunate enough to wear the shoes of a script-writer in the year 1981 with the film Jarinko Chie. He was also seen to take space on-screen in a live documentary, The Kingdom of Dreams and Action in the year 2013. He didn’t stop with the amazing movies he did. He also imparted his talents to create some great TV series. He has been making TV shows from the year 1963 with the series Ken the Wolf Boy. He has been creating numerous shows since then. And to top it all off, his movies have been nominated for the Academy Award, which emphasizes how great, creative and sophisticated the films and shows that he create are. From the year 1961, he has been creating magic onscreen, and continues to do it without losing his zest. He has been sharing with the world, this enthusiasm in a spirited manner that never fails to amaze his co- workers or his spectators.