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Dave Filoni

Bill Melendez

Warren Batchelder

Marc Du Pontavice

Isao Takahata

Rod Scribner

Dan Heder

Jorge Garcia

Bob Clampett

Fujiko F Fujio



Catherine O Hara English Movie Actress
Born: 4 March 1954

Age Now 70

Catherine O Hara - (Movie Actress)

Patricia Heaton English Movie Actress
Born: 4 March 1958

Age Now 66

Patricia Heaton - (Movie Actress)

Daniel Roebuck English TV-Actor
Born: 4 March 1963

Age Now 61

Daniel Roebuck - (TV-Actor)

David Franzoni English Writer
Born: 4 March 1947

Age Now 77

David Franzoni - (Writer)

Hallock Beals English Movie Actor
Born: 4 March 1982

Age Now 42

Hallock Beals - (Movie Actor)

Steve Skrovan English Producer
Born: 4 March 1957

Age Now 67

Steve Skrovan - (Producer)

Pip Andersen English Movie Actor
Born: 4 March 1991

Age Now 33

Pip Andersen - (Movie Actor)

Sam Taylor Johnson English Director
Born: 4 March 1967

Age Now 57

Sam Taylor Johnson - (Director)


Everyone Loves To See Animation, Learn Role Of An Animator

An animator makes multiple frames in sequence, which gives a movement called animation. An animator works in filmmaking, video games and television. An animator’s job is to meet the requirements of the client and talks to them about the client’s goal for animation. An animator draws down a storyboard, which is to be set for the animation, which includes details of camera shot and also the lines from the script. It helps the story to move ahead visually, and the animator then works out the potential problems in the storyboard.

An animator creates the characters where every movement of a character makes the story sequence move forward. Animator’s job is to read the script to understand the physical characteristic of the character as they appear in the script. Then based on that specification they design the character and then animate them. Before bringing animation into 3D effects, the animator creates and draws a number of character’s sketches. The animators then record the actor’s dialogue and work with editors on different project. Animator also gets involved in making backgrounds, special effects and graphics with the editor. An animator’s aim is to assist in finishing the animated piece.