Birthday: 27-05-1973
Age: 46
Star sign: Gemini

Yorgos Lanthimos is a Greek director; his famous movies are The Lobster, Dogtooth, Kenneth, and The Alps. He was born in Athens, Greek. He completed his education from Hellenic Cinema and Television School from Athens. He started his career from Television serials, short movies, and theater plays. In 2001, his first movie My best friend with the Co-director Lakis Lazopoulos hit the screens. The same year his short film hit the screens. After a long time in 2005, his next famous picture Kenneth hit the screens; the movie happens to be a drama picture. This film was nominated for Golden Alexander at International Award show. At the end of 2009, his first famous movie The Dogtooth hit the screens. The movie got many awards. The Dogtooth was also a drama film. The Budget of the movie was only 250,000 EUR. This picture's box office collection was 384,147 USD. Some famous awards won by movie were Dublin Film Award, Bronze Horse. Dogtooth movie was his most famous film of all time. In 2011, the movie Alps hit the screens.

For this picture, he got the New Directions in Cinema award in Official Competition Prize. Alps movie also got an award for best screenplay. In 2015, his next top film The Lobster hit the screens. The movie makes his great image in the picture industry. He also did some theater plays. His first drama plays in 2002 D.D.D, Theater Tour Note, next in 2004 Blaubart, Theater Porta. After four years his next theater plays came Natura Morta in un foot by Fausto Paravidino, Theater to Note. His last theater plays came in 2011 Platoon by Anton Chekhov, National Theatre of Greece. In 2017, his next movie The Favorite would hit the screens.

Night Shyamalan English Actor

Night Shyamalan

Manoj Shyamalan was born on August 6th 1970. His professional name is M. Night Shyamalan. He is an American-Indian film actor, director, screen writer, producer. He is known as an occasional actor who takes supernatural contemporary plots and makes movie. Near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he settles his films, a place where he had grown up. He was known for including plots twist in his film. Hollywood film imprints Co and Walt Disney Studios' Touchstone produced and released most of his commercially successful films. From the Indian Government, he was awarded Padma Shri. In Mahe a place in Pondicherry, Southwestern India he was born to a South Indian parent. Nelliate C. Shyamalan was his father who was from Mahé and was a Malayali and he completed his graduation with a degree of medical from Jimper. Jayalaxmi is his mother who is a Tamil and a gynecologist by profession. Veena is her first child and after her birth, they went to the United States of America. After three months of the second pregnancy, his mother returned to India. He had grown in Penn Valley, Pennsylvania, after spending his six weeks in Pondicherry. At the young age he got the Camera Super 8 and after this, he had a desire of filmmaking. Continuing and following the family business of medicine by him was his father’s wish. Drama Praying with Anger, a semi-autobiography was his first film that he made while he was a student and borrowed money from his family as well as from his friends for his first movie. Wild Awake was his second movie. In 1999 he earned a Young Artist Award for their film Wild Awake which he attended when he was a child in school. He got nominated for Cross, Best Performance, and Best Drama. He wrote the Stuart Little’s screenplay along Greg Brooker in the same year. He met a fellow student in New York University names Bhavna Vaswani whom he married. In Berwyn, Pennsylvania, his production company, Blinding Edge Pictures is located. He iss a director, executive producer, writer as well as an actor in the films like Unbreakable (2000(, Praying with Anger (1992). Signs (2002), The Village (2004), Lady in the Water (2006), The Happening (2008), The Last Airbender(2010). Wide Awake, The Sixth Sense, Stuart little, Devil, After Earth, Wayward Pines, The Visit, Split are some films in which he was either a director, executive producer, writer or an actor.


Louis Leterrier

Louis Leterrier is a French director. He is mainly famous for his movie ‘Transporter’, ‘Now you see me’, and ‘The Incredible Hulk’. He was born in Paris. His parents are Francois Leterrier and Catherine Leterrier. His father was a director, and his mother was a costume designer. He got his education from Tisch school of the Arts at New York University. In 2002, he started his journey with one of the famous action movie Transporter. He began his first film with famous actor Jason Statham. This did superbly at that time. This picture crossed the box office 43 million USD. After three years in 2005, his next drama movie Unleashed hit the screens with famous actor Jet Li; this film first-week collection was $1,924,204 USD, and budget of the picture was 45 million USD. Same year next part of transporter came in the Film industry by name Transporter 2. This movie was again superb and cross the box office by 85 million USD. In 2008, his top famous movie The Incredible Hulk came in the Market. The Incredible Hulk was again the action movie with a famous actor Edward Norton. This film box office collection was 263.4million USD, and the picture based on science on the genetic. In 2010, Clash of the Titans hit the screens. This was the Fantasy movie. Clash of the Titans films based on super power and god Zeus. In movie Perseus the son of Zeus, is caught in a war between gods and is helpless to save his family from Hades, the god of the underworld In 2013, his most famous movie crime film came Now you see me. Now you see me was an extraordinary picture. In the picture, magician stole the money of bank through magic in the theater. The budget of the play was only 75 million USD, and box office collection was 351.7 million USD.

Louis Leterrier English Actor