Birthday: 29-03-1983
Age: 36
Star sign: Aries

Drake Doremus is a Hollywood film director and screenwriter. He was born in Orange (a city in Orange County of California), United States of America. Cherrie Kerr, his mother, was one of the founding members of the Theatre & School called The Groundlings in California. When Drake was six years old, he started learning improvisation onstage. When he was 17 years of age, he has written and directed five plays in the high school. Then, Drake and his best friend Jones bought a digital camera. After this, his passion for the film originated. Soon, he dropped out of the high school. He said he just wanted to write and direct; there was no time for subjects like chemistry and maths. He never applied for college. But, he has graduated in directing from American Film Institute (AFI) in Los Angeles. Drake, nineteen years old that time, was the youngest fellow ever accepted into the conservatory of American Film Institute (in Centre for Advanced Film and Television Studies). He still remembers that on his first day over there, everyone went for drinks in Los Feliz at Ye Rustic Inn, and he had to stay back at home because he was a minor. Drake has also taught a few semesters at Orange County High School of the Arts in California. His debut film as a writer and director was Moonpie in 2006. Moonpie was a romantic comedy between a principal and a teacher. Doremus’s next film was Spooner, which was again a love story.

He was again the writer and director of the movie. Spooner was premiered in 2009 at Slamdance Film Festival. It has won an award for Best Feature at some festivals. Drake won Achievement Award at Newport Beach Film Festival for Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking for Spooner. Also, he won Jury Award at Sonoma Valley Film Festival for Best Lounge Feature. Spooner was then procured by Moving Pictures and then released at the beginning of the year 2011. Drake was also the director and writer of “Ten Thousand Years” music video. This music video was by Goddamn Electric Bill and was made public in 2009. Doremus’s next project as a director and writer was the movie Douchebag in the year 2010.

Douchebag made the world premiere at Sundance Film Festival in 2010 in the Dramatic Competition. It was then acquired by Red Dragon Releasing and released in 2010. Douchebag is a road movie black comedy in the backdrop of Los Angeles. Drake’s next movie was Like Crazy in 2011 which was partially inspired by his life experiences. “Like Crazy” got debuted at the dramatic competition at Sundance. It is a story of a relation between two people (played by Felicity Jones and Anton Yelchin) who are forced apart in two different continents. The story is about push and pull of love, regret, and longing. Like crazy won many awards such as Golden Trailer Awards, Gotham Awards, Empire Awards, Award at Hamptons Film Festival, Award at Hollywood Film Festival, Grand Jury Award at Sundance Film Festival, Special Jury Award at Sundance Film Festival, and some more. Next, he directed and wrote the screenplay for the Hollywood’s first social film The Beauty Inside. The movie won the Daytime Emmy Award in 2013 for Outstanding New Approach to an Original Daytime Series/ Program. In 2013, his next film ‘ Breathe In’ was released. Breathe In was a romantic movie depicting feelings of love between a middle-aged married high school music teacher (Keith) and a foreign exchange student (Sophie) who is living at his house. Breathe In also premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2013.

It also opened at EIFF- Edinburgh International Film Festival. Drake’s most recent project as a director is the movie Equals. 'Equals' was premiered (at a global level) at the 72nd Venice International Film Festival. It was premiered in North America at Toronto International Film Festival in 2015. It is a science fiction and romantic drama releasing in July 2016 by the American distribution and production company A24. Drake has mainly written and directed love stories. His all time favorite love stories are Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind of 2004, Breaking the Waves of 1996, Head- On of 2004, A Place in the Sun of 1951, and Harold and Maude of 1971. On his filmmaking art, he says, “Your instincts of what the moment is, is what makes a filmmaker.”

Doug Liman English Actor

Doug Liman

Douglas Eric Liman is an American producer and director. He was born on 24 the July in the year 1965 in New York. His parents were Ellen and Arthur L. Liman. His father was a lawyer and worked for the social causes. He had a keen interest in serving the public. He served as Chief Counselor for the Iran Contra case. His mother was a writer, and painter.  He grew up as a Jewish. Lewis and Emily are his siblings. Douglas had the interest in making films. He started composing films while he was studying in the New York at International Center of Photography. He attended Brown University. In his college days, he helped some students to start a TV station called BTV. He became the first manager at that centre.  He founded the NACB with the help of his father’s relations with the CBS. NACB is National Association of College Broadcasters. It was the first association started to set up some student initiated radio and TV stations. He completed his graduation from the University of California in the US. During his college in1993, he had done a thriller cum comedy picture titled as Getting In.  Liman started his director career from Swingers. The writer of the photoplay decided to cast only well-established actors. Later, they starred Favreau, Patrick Van Horn, Vince Vaughn, and Ron Livingston. It is a comedy screenplay based on the lifestyles of unemployed and single actors of Eastsid California. The struggling actors became stars after this super hit. Doug won the tag of Best Filmmaker for MTV Award. Critics gave positive reviews. On Rotten Tomatoes, it scored a rating of 87%. Liman, after getting success, he sold it for 5.5 million dollars to Miramax.  Liman’s next production was Go, which came in 1999. It was crime cum comedy that was directed by Doug. John August wrote it. It featured Katie Holmes, William Fichtner, Sarah Polley, Scott Wolf, and Jay Mohr. It applauded by the critics. On Rotten Tomatoes, it collected up to 92% ratings. It garnered up to 28.4 million dollars collection.  In 1999, Liman presented an ad for Nike. His screenplays were highly appreciated. In 2002, The Bourne Identity released. He directed and produced the episodes of Premiere and The Model Home. He came up with some comedy shows.  In 2005, he made Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were the actors. In 2005, he made the episodes of Heist. In 2010, he made a Fair game under his direction.  In 2011, Liman produced-cum-directed Just Want My Pants Back. In 2014, Edge of Tomorrow released. His upcoming movie is Mena.  


Dylan Mohan Gray

Gray is a Mumbai-based award winning film director and writer, famous for his documentary titled Fire in the Blood. He was born in 1969 in Prince Edward Island, Canada, to a Punjabi father and German mother. He and his sister Anna were both adopted. He was a student of History and Film at Dartmouth College. He went on to get a degree from the University of Vienna and the Budapest University of Economics. He also holds a graduate degree in history from Central European University and the University of the State of New York with research on historiography and geographic dimensions of identity. As is plain from his credentials, he was studying to become an academician, but an encounter with an old theatre colleague pushed him towards movie making. According to him, ‘love’ is what brought him to India. He owns the production house called Sparkwater. He has worked in various countries and collaborated with directors of international fame, including Mira Nair, Paul Greengrass, Deepa Mehta, etc. He has worked in other films such as The Namesake and The Bourne Supremacy. He has also interviewed international figures such as Bill Clinton and Desmond Tutu. He is the recipient of many awards - Dadasaheb Phalke Chitranagari Award for Best Debut Film for a Director at the 2014 Mumbai International Film Festival for "Fire in the Blood" (2013); Golden Award for Excellence in Notification(direction), Silver Award for Excellence in Notification(Script), Jury Award for Best Film: Documentary(2015); and many other awards like Best Feature Documentary Award in Montreal International Black Film Festival(2014); Grand Jury Award at the White Sands International Film Festival, New Mexico(2014); Best Documentary Award at the Kashmir Film Festival (2014); Audience Award for Best Documentary at the 16th Fairy Tale International Queer Film Festival(2014); Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Prize for Political Film at Filmfest Hamburg(2013); DOXA Feature Documentary Award in Vancouver(2013); and Justice Matters Award at the International Film Festival(2013) in Washington. Besides these, there are numerous other nominations as well. He has been featured in publications by some of the leading News channels and magazines across the globe. Gray is a social activist who keeps working for the betterment of society, regularly coming up with critical thoughts on government policies, with extra focus on the international pharmaceutical industry. He has travelled around the world a lot and made movies on the experiences of peoples and their cultures. History is a major ingredient in his scripts. His movie Fire in the Blood holds the record for the longest theatrical run by a non-fiction feature film in the history of Indian cinema. The movie is a story about how big pharmaceutical companies in the US, for the sake of profits and market, blocked cheap AIDS medication in poverty-stricken countries of Africa and Asia in 1996. This action, at the hands of the Pharmaceutical companies caused more than 10 million deaths. He did not plan on making this movie initially. He was shooting for another film in Sri Lanka about four years ago when he felt motivated for making this one. He ended up travelling to four continents for the shooting of this film. Other movies made by him include Hector and the Search for Happiness and a TV series titled Democracy Now! Right now Gray is working on releasing Fire in the Blood in 25 places in the UK and more than an appraisal for his direction, he hopes that the movie brings more notice to what he calls the ‘crime of the century’ and generates awareness.

Dylan Mohan Gray English Actor