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Alex Kurtzman was born in Los Angeles, U.S. on 7th September 1973. He is a writer by profession and has worked in many movies and TV series. Alex joined the Wesleyan University from where he received his primary education. During his school time, Alex met Roberto Orci and went ahead to share his work with him in the future.

He debuted at the age of 24 where he and Orci handled the show Hercules: The Legendary journeys which ran from 1997 to 1999. Alex’s first movie, “The Island” released in 2005 which Michael Bay Michael, who was adopted by Harriet and Jim was ra >> Read More... originally wrote but asked both of them to rewrite the storyline of the flick. After the success of The Island, Alex became a co-writer for The Legend of Zorro which is about Don Alexandro. He protects the people by hiding behind a mask with the name of Zorro but during a fight his mask is pulled off, and people recognize him.

He is soon asked to leave the place and divorce his wife, Elena. The series of events follow to unite California and make it the 31st United States. The flick grossed $142 million, and the audience loved it, though the critics gave mixed reviews, it won many hearts. Alex soon wrote the screenplay of Mission Impossible III; it is the sequel to the first two installments of the Mission Impossible franchise.

The plot focuses on Ethan Hunt ( Tom Cruise One of Hollywood’s best; Built his name in enterta >> Read More... ) who retired from IMF, Impossible Mission Force to live with his wife and doesn’t want to return to the field. He is approached by the force to take up another mission and discover the weapons possessed by Owen Davian. Julia, Ethan’s wife, is abducted by Davian’s men, and he needs to free his wife and escape.

It grossed $397 million and was declared a hit. Alex became a producer and in 2013, under his production Now You See Me released, the story was about four street magicians or the Four Horsemen who are hired by an unknown person for his personal interest.

They perform robbery with the camouflage of a magic trick. The police arrest them but they later release them for not having any proof against them. They continue to perform and finally find out who hired them and guided them to avenge his father’s murderer. The film’s sequel released in 2016. His other works include The Proposal, Ender’s Game, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and Star Trek Click to look into! >> Read More... : Into the Darkness, etc. He married Samantha Counter in 2002.


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